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Designing New Branding for Etsy

After trying several different ideas for my new Etsy shop branding, I decided to go with the theme of a vintage fairground or circus.

I decided this mainly because the word ‘midway’ is an American term for a sideshow or an area of amusements at a fairground. 297 more words

Magic Town Midway

I graduated!!! I'm finally free

It was a long 10 months of school, I must say! I literally thought I wasn’t going to make it through simply because of the stress. 684 more words

My Go-To Hand Lettering Tools

I fully embrace the hand lettering trend! Now, I’ve always taken pride in creating nice letters when I’m hand writing, but this has ignited my passion. 165 more words

Hand Lettering

Designers, the love to communicate & social media


We can be introverted, extroverted, a little of both or be hermits! But if there is one thing that really binds us together, it’s our love of communication. 1,001 more words

Hand Drawn

Weekly Inspiration #1

This is the first in a series of weekly inspiring content that I want to share. All sources are linked in the image/video. Hope you enjoy and give the linked artists some love!

Everything, Light Capsules

New Life For Old Signs

Around the world, worn hand-painted signs are receiving a brief moment in the spotlight due to the projection mapping work of Craig Winslow. 503 more words