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Sketch | Caffeine Dependent

I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of sketching on what will be hopefully a daily basis, and I did this quick hand lettering sketch at work the other day—later it may turn into something more fleshed out.

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Why Not Print by Karen Domingo

Hey! I wanted to share this beautiful print I just bought from a lady named Karen Domingo through the people at Type Gang. Most of the money I make from my etsy store I spend on other people’s work (probably not a good way to retire), anyways supporting other designers/typographers/small shops is a good thing! 26 more words

7 Tools to Find and Keep Your Motivation

I’m often asked where my motivation comes from.

My short answer: it comes from my deep desire to make my art business successful. I daydreamed about becoming a full-time artist for so long, and once I had the opportunity I wanted it to work out so badly. 1,482 more words


Cover Title Lettering Colored!

The Finished Colored Version of the Cover Title to the Comic Book Strength Monsters in Ultra-Mayhem

Source: Cover Title Lettering Colored!

Comic Books.

TAD6: Hand-lettered Prayer

From Common Prayer and my Sacred Ordinary Days planner, a hope and a purpose for my days. Amen and amen.

Gel pen and black cardstock


Day 6

This hand lettering part of the challenge has been great for me! I’m enjoying experimenting with different types of font.

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