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Hand Lettering

I’ve had the itch to try hand lettering, lately. As with most newer projects I read a lot about it first (this hub was helpful). 62 more words


Cultivating Creativity

A big part of my process in “Making Things Happen in 2015″ has been carving out time to be creative and be inspired by others’ creativity. 660 more words


Day 54: Okarito

I love Okarito. It’s a tiny little town we visited in the spring, and is the prettiest, most loved wee place we’ve been to. We blogged about it over here.



Creating swirled borders is just as hard to visualize as flourishing, but not as scary to experiment with. You have no letters to worry about hereā€”just you, your pen, and the space where you want to wrap your text around. 19 more words


An Afternoon in the Bull City

I grew up in Durham, but back then the downtown area was a dangerous mess of vacant art deco buildings and abandoned tobacco warehouses. Today the downtown scene is in the midst of a renaissance and the streets are teeming with hip restaurants, bars, shops and art galleries. 635 more words