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Finding the Goddess – a visual journal

– These journal posts are rather introverted posts where I reflect on journals I have made over the past few years as a means of figuring out the next steps in my creative journey. 194 more words


box 6: in the round

taking a break from the crush of decreasing perspective and deadline sometimes understood as focus intent and purpose which when logrolled and amassed is crushing and somehow filters out the art and heart which gave it life and purpose in the first damn place, 85 more words


making boxes

I know feeling sad feels sad, I also know we are, I am, good at what I practice, and now I come to add, understand, by which I mean figure out, so it’s folly, and I knew the job was dangerous when I took it (Fred) to think that my second attempt at a clamshell box, would be… 40 more words

Writer's Life

word is box

❒ ☐◼︎ □ ☒ ☑︎

container, containment, contain, set apart, corner, save, punch, hide, make safe, under the bed, inside a, boxed-set, chest, of chocolate, postoffice, treasure, important, protect, jewelry, wrapped, protect, pretext… 69 more words

Here.say. Press

boxed in

not sure all of a sudden why containment is on the table, or what it means, but it is nice to have the option

Writer's Life


Do you consider yourself a book artist? She asked,
the way the best questions are asked out of the blue as if out of nowhere as if what is being assigned or posited is not even remotely associated with you, or in this case me, as if there is an easy answer… 441 more words

Writer's Life


We started a new project.  It’s a work in progress at this point and phase one is complete.  We cut the spines off of two copies of Allen’s book, … 43 more words