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I was reading what she An American Declutterer had said about (our) stuff  and it touched a nerve, a heartstring already played.

handset and printed, from the first book I printed with my new press, in my new shop. 14 more words

Writer's Life

but for the asking

how’s the project going he’d asked


the project is going actually, which is a good start! having dithered lo these many years with it, starting is one of those big steps, but I’m guessing you know that, thanks for asking. 230 more words

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Hand-bound books...

In Bendigo not long ago, I came across a bookbinding shop that is the most similar I’ve found in Australia to the one I came across in Florence (p.212… 106 more words

Zoe Boccabella

Tiny books, big love

3 very small books this week, all from independent creators. I’m fascinated by the way in which a small book can also be an art object, especially if handmade. 296 more words


circularities; a gathering of old friends

original poems typeset and hand printed by author on Ostrander Extra Heavy; Vandercook SP-15; Vandercook Proofing Press; Poco Proof Press (not in that order)

Poem text 24 pt Caslon Italic and 12 pt Roman… 26 more words

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if as they say, the next note in all good improv, is the tell, and as I say, anything we’re good at takes practice, I guess what comes next will be telling 276 more words


PRINTED MATTER | Now in Chelsea

Yes, more about books…today is my day to remind everyone about those little creative places in NYC that we often forget to put on our “to visit” list. 187 more words