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I just can’t get enough of the warm golden glow that incapsulated my tiny home today. Walking around over crunching leaves with Archer while more fell down gently on our heads and sipping coffee between bites of snickerdoodles while the autumn-sun gently beat down on my cheeks… these are the moments that matter. 551 more words

Middle Child Problems

Graham is our middle child. You know the forgotten one. I’m guilty of that here as I rarely dedicate a post to him. Most of the time it’s Nolan, because, well, he’s five and is the most “human-like” of the three. 407 more words


These are a Few of Their Favorite Things

In all of this process, taking these steps on this thoughtfully sought path of ridding the excess, this marathon of which I feel I am just at my starting line, I have suffered two great losses.  1,189 more words

Thoughtfully Sought

Mama's Dress Made a Comeback 

By Devina

My mom’s dresses are in my closet. Seriously. Because I love old clothes, anything vintage, and I hate spending so much money on dresses I only wear once or twice. 142 more words

Daily Ironic Posts

Vintage Patterns Galore!

I mentioned last week that I’d received around a hundred old patterns from my aunt, some of which were her mom’s (my grandmother’s).  Most of the patterns are from the sixties and seventies, and they vary in style from “ooh, that’s a wonderful dress” to “goodness, I guess people really did dress like that”.   485 more words


Look Mum, It Still Fits!

This morning Bart came downstairs wearing a pretty floral Victorian style dress. Its the one Grandma and Granddad bought for AJ when she was four years old, then when she grew out of it, the dress got passed onto Bart. 108 more words


Because "I liked scotch."

Today’s post, a guest contribution from my friend Kath, showcases a unique hand-me-down.

Kath: When my grandmother downsized into a smaller apartment, I was given this… 137 more words