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The Beauty in the Handmade, Secondhand, and Hand-me-downs

Originally, I had zero intentions of doing a post specifically on how I decorated for the holidays. I am not an interior designer.

But, the below picture changed my mind. 702 more words

Green City Living

Ronda Gets Shoes

Sadie Bean walked on to Mulberry and turned to cross the street half a block to the narrow two-story frame house Ron had fixed just the way she’d wanted. 1,738 more words


"Absolute Class"

I’ve noticed 2 themes among our beater submissions. Jeeps and Hand-Me-Downs. Jeeps are cheap, occasionally reliable and perform many, some questionable, functions. Hand-Me-Downs, on the other hand, serve one purpose, to be cheap. 736 more words


Something Old...

When you think about it…I mean really think about it, how many times does a child wear a particular outfit? Play with that gotta-have-it toy? If you have kids and your house is anything like our land of chaos, the answer is, undoubtedly, ‘not much’. 973 more words


I just can’t get enough of the warm golden glow that incapsulated my tiny home today. Walking around over crunching leaves with Archer while more fell down gently on our heads and sipping coffee between bites of snickerdoodles while the autumn-sun gently beat down on my cheeks… these are the moments that matter. 551 more words

Middle Child Problems

Graham is our middle child. You know the forgotten one. I’m guilty of that here as I rarely dedicate a post to him. Most of the time it’s Nolan, because, well, he’s five and is the most “human-like” of the three. 407 more words


These are a Few of Their Favorite Things

In all of this process, taking these steps on this thoughtfully sought path of ridding the excess, this marathon of which I feel I am just at my starting line, I have suffered two great losses.  1,189 more words

Thoughtfully Sought