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Our friends Laetitia and Abigail have such class and style while working in difficult climes. Whether it’s ensuring that refugee children are able to access education or fighting malaria in Sudan and Southeast Asia, they’re getting the work done and looking mighty good while doing it.   461 more words


Hello Spring!!!

Hello Spring!! First day of Spring and I woke up with frost on my car, gotta love Toledo. S/O to my older sister for a majority of this outfit. 85 more words


Other people's jokes, or Ha Ha Ha

Comedy is a very subjective thing, what I find funny and what you find funny may complete polar opposites. For example I like well written situation based comedy with genuinely funny actors and actresses, that isn’t afraid to introduce new themes and push the boundaries. 374 more words


a case of an old case ...

I suppose like most adults I have kept have lots of things from my childhood and younger years and as parents we were careful to keep many things from Sarah and Richard childhood. 312 more words


Hand-Me-Downs (Lorenzo's wardrobe)

Even before I got pregnant I knew that I would want to give my child the best of the best. A good upbringing, a good education, a good family, good values, good memories. 360 more words



This is acceptable by societal norms
These are the words by which a child forms
Don’t do that and don’t do this
But doesn’t it seem just a little amiss? 169 more words

Some Smart People Said Some Nice Things About My Book

The news is out! The contest I mentioned I was a semi-finalist for last week is the Book Pipeline book to movie contest, and they have now posted their official announcement. 582 more words

Hand Me Down