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If You're Going To Wear Jewelry, It Might As Well Be The Kind That Protects You From Evil

Why choose sides when you can wear jewelry in the shape of the Hand of Fatima, an ancient symbol recognized by Christian and Islamic religions? As far as emblems go, the fancy palm is less widely recognized than the evil eye, horseshoe, or rabbit’s foot, so you’ll stand out as you tap the amulet’s magical powers. 24 more words


Ten ways to Protect against the Evil Eye - Would you dare try 9 or 10?

Do you have a son who used to be a lovely little child, but suddenly turned into a vile, stroppy teenager? In Brazil, that would get you worried that someone has cast the evil eye on him. 1,230 more words


"Hamsa" protection

This is a Hamsa , Hamesh or Hand of Fatima. It is an apotropic amulet of protection .  It is believed to protect one from the envious and/or  the evil eye. 68 more words

Large Tuareg Khomeissa on leather. Master craftsmans work

These amazing and beautifully made khomeissas, the Tuareg version of the Hand of Fatima, are made of Tuareg metal/silver mix on leather.
The highly respected Tuareg craftsman who made these khomeissas is called Jiniri from a small village near Agadez. 91 more words

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