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"Hamsa" protection

This is a Hamsa , Hamesh or Hand of Fatima. It is an apotropic amulet of protection .  It is believed to protect one from the envious and/or  the evil eye. 68 more words

Large Tuareg Khomeissa on leather. Master craftsmans work

These amazing and beautifully made khomeissas, the Tuareg version of the Hand of Fatima, are made of Tuareg metal/silver mix on leather.
The highly respected Tuareg craftsman who made these khomeissas is called Jiniri from a small village near Agadez. 91 more words

Pendants Contemporary

Much Love. For the New You.

Dear friends,

This Friday afternoon finds us sitting in our little studio with tears in our eyes.

Tears and happy smiles for the immense gift that Life has put in front of us. 229 more words

From My Studio With Love


We were reluctant to leave our small town “honeymoon” amid the azure alleys of Chefchaouen, but we had planned to meet up with a friend in the city of Fes four hours away. 351 more words

Hand of Fatima

This symbol is something that can be found in many jewelry stores, boutiques, and specialty stores around the world. It has ancient roots dating back thousands of years with ties to prophets in various cultures at different times on earth. 132 more words