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Year of Pollination: Hand Pollinating Cucurbits

Because of their large, open, unisexual flowers, plants in the gourd family are perfect for practicing hand pollination. There are several species in this family that are commonly grown in gardens, and all can be hand pollinated. 661 more words


My Neighbor's Dragon Fruit

A neighbor down the street has a Dragon Fruit cactus (Pitaya) growing against the Oak tree in front of his house. One afternoon, as I was driving by his home, I saw him outside watering the Pitaya and pulled over to introduce myself and “talk plant”. 292 more words

What's blooming indoors? Meyer lemon

I have a Meyer lemon tree that I keep indoors. It’s often full of blooms and the flowers smell wonderful. I’m always looking for lemons to start growing, but the flowers dry up and fall off and I never get any fruit. 323 more words

Propping up the cucumber

Don’t you just love the surprise of growing something new?!

After a shaky start, by not helping the cucumbers along with a small paint brush to fertlise them, I’ve finally got three growing on one vine. 124 more words


More disappointments

After an evening off gardening last night to do some more decorating, tonight it was time to get down to tackling the Chinese cabbage. The first batch I planted out were doing well, getting a centre and generally looking quite robust. 218 more words


Sometimes Good Accidents Happen in the Compost

When I found kabocha squash at a local farmers market last fall, I got super excited. It gave me a piece of home (I’m from Japan). 353 more words

19 July 2014

 Courgettes always used to seem such a simple option: you planted them, they produced more fruit than your blanching-and-cooling patience could cope with and your freezer could hold, then the leaves went all mildewy and with a sigh of relief you gave up and hauled them out, to leave that space to something blissfully other. 835 more words