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Experiments in print design

I have seen a lot of new to me crafts going around the social media spheres that I follow lately. One of those that interests me most at the moment is block printing. 337 more words


Handprint Cupcake Card

Creative Wednesdays

All kids like making, giving, and receiving Birthday Cards. For those that cannot write yet making a card from their handprint makes a great gift. 177 more words

My Funny Valentine

Ah yes, Valentine’s Day. The day we spend a little extra to remind the ones we love how special they are to us. That’s if you celebrate the “holiday”. 345 more words


10 Top Tips to make a hand & foot print alphabet.

Woohoo our hand and foot print alphabet is finished- please see our complete alphabet below my top tips. Hope you like it.

Top Tips for making a hand and foot print alphabet. 132 more words

We are almost there : Foot & hand print alphabet.

Yes we are nearly there! It has been great fun making our foot and hand print alphabet. We have had lots of false starts along the way, so I will be adding hints and tips as to the best way to make your own hand and foot print alphabet when our project is complete. 8 more words

Hand Print

Foot print,

Finger print,

Hand print,

now; 3D prints.

Black&White Photography / non-digital / Rayograph /ilford18x24cm
Location: İSUF, Istanbul University, Beyazıt, isanbul / Turkey