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RC: Update

Happy Thursday!

it’s been another busy week outside of Roo’s Corner but i’m hoping it all goes back to normal very soon!

I’m currently house sitting but it’s a good way to get ideas organised. 48 more words


Wednesday watch! 

This month is all about launching new products an we’re happy to announce we are adding a tea towel range to our RC Home collection.  We brought a couple along with us to the Shaw House Summer Fair and we had some great feedback! 68 more words


Wednesday watch 

RC bundles.
Each week we are adding a new product to the list. This week it’s our very own block printed fabrics!

Printing our own fabric is something that we’ve always wanted to do here at Roo’s Corner, and what better way to start than small! 96 more words

Wednesday Watch!

Experimenting with Fabric Printing

Over the last few weeks I have spent more and more time experimenting with fabric printing, this time block printing onto linen.   I’m so pleased with the results. 120 more words

Printing a print and typing a type.

Anyone ever have a ‘Petite Typewriter’ as a kid? It was one of my favorite childhood ‘toys’. I think even today with all the modern technology we have, kids are still drawn to the appeal of touch type (I know mine are!). 44 more words

The good old fashioned typewriter.

This week I’ve been working this typewriter print. I liked the idea of combining an old piece of technology with language from modern day technology using the old fashioned method of printmaking.

Back to the old Honeysuckle.

I went back to my old honeysuckle design and decided to enlarge it slightly with the idea to block print it on to fabric. I was still unsure where I was going to go with it but managed to make a purse out of the print. 12 more words