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Experimenting with Fabric Printing

Over the last few weeks I have spent more and more time experimenting with fabric printing, this time block printing onto linen.   I’m so pleased with the results. 120 more words

Printing a print and typing a type.

Anyone ever have a ‘Petite Typewriter’ as a kid? It was one of my favorite childhood ‘toys’. I think even today with all the modern technology we have, kids are still drawn to the appeal of touch type (I know mine are!). 44 more words

The good old fashioned typewriter.

This week I’ve been working this typewriter print. I liked the idea of combining an old piece of technology with language from modern day technology using the old fashioned method of printmaking.

Back to the old Honeysuckle.

I went back to my old honeysuckle design and decided to enlarge it slightly with the idea to block print it on to fabric. I was still unsure where I was going to go with it but managed to make a purse out of the print. 12 more words

Experimenting with fabric printing.

I’ve recently spent some time exploring simple repeat pattern designs on fabric. Here are a few images of the printed fabric and a few cushion covers I then made from it.

Adding a touch of colour.

A touch of colour has been added to the Koffeedoof by the tree prints. Both the black version and terracotta are ready to buy in my Folksy shop

Print Love

This weeks Treasury Tuesday I’ve curated a collection of beautiful prints, all originated through the traditional printing methods of lino cuts and screen printing. When I started out this week I wasn’t sure where it was going but I enjoy it so much and am just overwhelmed when I start looking and find so much amazing talent.  99 more words