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Natural Hand Sanitizing Spray

“Magic gel”.  That is what we have called antibacterial gel for years with our daughter.  It’s a convenient way to eliminate a lot of germs and bacteria when hand washing when soap and water isn’t available, but there are hidden dangers in regular use of it. 319 more words

Essential Oils

14 essentials to carry in your HandBag

Hey girlssss!! We all carry handbags rather biggg handbags but you don’t want your shoulders to break!!! Carry just the right things in your handbag. Today I’m going to talk about some of the essentials that you can carry to keep it light. 452 more words

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Tip Tuesday: Rubbing Alcohol to the Rescue

Have you ever looked at the mirror in your bathroom and wondered what in the world is that? It could be toothpaste or hair gel or something other worldly. 389 more words


SafeScience F.A.S.T. for Sports

The SafeScience F.A.S.T. (Fitness-Athletics-Sports- Tactical) division helps protect athletes, fitness enthusiasts, first responders, military personnel & more from the invisible threats. Viral, bacterial, fungal & poor IAQ issues are all too common in the environments these groups perform. 121 more words

Hand Washing VS Sickness

Hand hygiene’s newest technology is “Step One” in the Green Cleaning Technologies’ disinfecting protocol

According to the CDC, approximately 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch. 432 more words

Bath Body Works Cities of the World (part 2)

Di KutekMurahNet sudah available pocketbac hand sanitizer Honolulu seri Cities of the world. Di Insta KutekMurah pocketbac digabung dengan holder seri glitter bow. Ini preview nya. 26 more words

Belanja Puas Di Kutekmurah

Bath Body Works Pocketbac - Cities of the world

Bath Body Work pocketbac London, Paris, Rome, New York, Vegas, Hawaii, Chicago dan yang terakhir Honolulu.

Divaholder lucu pear girl, strawberry girl, pink cupcake dan glitter bow holder warna: green & blue, pink & red, red & purple. 68 more words

Belanja Puas Di Kutekmurah