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Petra: Making Life More Comfortable

Why I Use Petra Non-Alcoholic Foaming Hand Sanitizer

By William Ryan

I am a 68-year-old retiree, married 43 years with three grandchildren. I am writing to tell my story of how I have found great help and relief with the Petra Non-Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer. 416 more words

Petra Soap

Is Alcohol an Endocrine Disruptor?

Although you may never pick up an alcoholic beverage, you could still be regularly exposing yourself to the detrimental health effects of alcohol. Household products, for example, often contain ethyl alcohol (ethanol) and can be a source many people don’t consider. 809 more words

Environmental Toxins

NY Subway Passengers Come Together To Erase Hate With The Help Of Some Hand Sanitizer

What would you do if you walked onto a train, bus, or plane only to find it covered in hate speech? Would you just ignore it and go on about your day or would you try to erase it? 95 more words


On hand sanitizer scents

“Oh, this is nice.”
“Yeah, it’s new, I really like the smell.”
“I know, it’s extra-strength vanilla – like me!”

Stuff High Schoolers Say

Organic Hand Sanitizer DOES NOTHING?

Unfortunately, being a school teacher of middle school students means that I’m constantly exposed to germs. This age group is notoriously bad at practicing basic hygine- even when reminded, they “pretend” that an activity was completed instead of actually doing it. 531 more words

Non-Toxic Living | Love&Oils

Because it’s not about oils alone.

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5 Things I Always Carry In My Purse

We women carry practically everything in our purses…especially us moms! Of all the junk that I have in mine, these are the five things I… 171 more words