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Stomach bugs and viral plagues

I have to confess I am mildly emetophobic. I go into a small panic when I hear about someone I know having a stomach bug. Have I or my children been anywhere near enough to contract whatever virus is making them sick? 1,024 more words

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Do-It-Yourself Chest Rub and Hand Sanitizer

I have got good testimony to share.

Those came for my and Faith’s kids and babies wellness received 1 x chest rub that I made beforehand. 455 more words

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My Day in Koreatown NY Beauty Products | Product Review

Written by NZINGHA for TheGlamSquadFiles
If you know anything about me you will know I love to travel and am always learning about various cultures. I’m interested in the beauty rituals of various cultures and today was a day spent in Korea Town in NYC. 1,262 more words

Some Personal Hygiene Directives to Follow

5 Important Personal Hygiene Tips

Did you know that your body has places that double up as a hotbed for germs and parasites to multiply? These include the skin surface and the area in and around the openings. 397 more words

Hand Sanitizer

Pets and the Duties That Go Along With Them

If you have pets you know there are duties that come along with being a pet parent, if you will, than just cuddling the cuteness that is your pet. 573 more words

The Many Advantages of Hand Sanitizers

Here is Why You Should Always Carry a Bottle of Sanitizer with You

According to a 2015 study published in the Journal for Natural Science, Biology & Medicine, diarrhoea is the third most common cause of childhood mortality in India, accounting for 13% of deaths each year in children under the age of 5. 464 more words

Hand Sanitizer

Natuurlijke DIY Hand Sanitizer

Scroll down for the English version

Er staan regelmatig berichten op Internet over de gevaren van desinfecterende handgel die je in de winkel koopt. Er wordt geschreven over de schadelijke stoffen die deze handgel bevat. 299 more words

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