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Cross Stitch, UFO #1

As you know, I love to sew and quilt…but I also enjoy cross-stitching! I wish I worked on it more, but as soon as I learned how to use a sewing machine, it’s been hard to stop :D I have so many projects I want to complete and quilts to make, but I need to continue working on my, … 302 more words


Still Stitching Pomegranates

I have stitched a little bit more on my pomegranate piece. I had time when we went on a quick road trip this past weekend. 157 more words


'sweet dreams'

It’s funny where we get our inspiration from sometimes. I can’t say for sure exactly where mine comes from, it just kinda finds me somehow. Sometimes it’s a colour or a memory or just because I have a ‘need’ for a certain thing, so I try to figure it. 439 more words

Small Projects

9 ...


The 9th and last prayer flag for my inside piece for the Brunel Broderers Exhibition ‘Inside Out’ at Nature in Art

So now an experiment – I am going to try to caste a beeswax backing piece on which to pin the 9 flags in a 9 patch. 161 more words

Class show and tell


Before I became their teacher, the Wednesday students had a “long class” once a month staying until 2.00pm and enjoyed lunch together. Last week we decided to reinstate this event, so this week with the extra time, lots was achieved, as you’ll see! 192 more words

Finding the Joy

The amazing sense of joy that young children have as they explore the world inspired this prayer hanging. I watched Marlyn, 2 1/2 years old, as she poured sand from one cup to another, and wondered why we all can’t remember what that joy was like. 20 more words


Nesting with Embroidery

Some people experience nesting before a baby by feeling the urge to clean and reorganize everything. I wish I felt that way, honestly. It would be wonderful to have that “nesting” drive all the time and to effortlessly have a pristine and organized home. 410 more words

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