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Couching Completed?

I think it’s finished. I added in some reddish brown yarn as well as the green.

I will hang it up on the wall and leave it for a while to see if I think it needs anything more. 100 more words

Hand Stitching

Puzzle Ball

I made three of these guys a little while ago. They’re a great travel project since the pieces are small and they each require a lot of hand-finishing (they do require prep work at the machine, though). 28 more words


The Global Quilting Project

I have been a part of The Global Quilting Project for the last eight months. It has been a long process as it was more than the usual block swap where everyone exchanges a known block. 210 more words

TAST Week 6 - Chevron Stitch

Well chevron stitch, whilst similar, proved a much less troublesome stitch than herringbone! :)

I love the shapes achievable with chevron stitch, I especially like the half chevron worked sideways both in rows and mirrored. 303 more words


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paper trees


words and images on paper and fabric


tiny books



Fish around my wrist

For Christmas my sister bought me some sewing supplies. As you may be aware, I do not presently have access to a sewing machine, but it seemed like such a waste to let the woven trim she used as a ribbon to wrap my present, to lie with my other ribbons, unappreciated. 185 more words

Hand Stitching

Hot Air Balloon Mobile

I’ve made two of these (one with raffia baskets and one with hemp baskets) and the only advice I can offer is in the hanging stage. 68 more words