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Restoring Trudie Ann Part 7

Learning to use the Channel Mixer Adjustment Layer

Before the days of the Photo Filter and B&W adjustment layers, Channel Mixer was often used to create a grayscale image that was more expressive than the standard conversion, to tint images, and to create stylized looks for photos. 934 more words

Adobe Photoshop

Vintage Postcards From France

Found in among a few WWII items. Envelope postmarks 1944.

Soft Colors

I have always been intrigued by the photography that came out of Japan in the mid to late 19th century. When Japan opened it’s country up to Westerners in the 1850’s, many photographers flocked to document Japanese culture. 33 more words


A lady at Lovejoy's

Here is a second beautiful tintype made by C. L. Lovejoy in Philadelphia, PA. Lovejoy’s materials claimed the subject would be “Finished in Fifteen Minutes” a claim that modern photographers can hardly make even with digital processing. 129 more words


Pink bow tie

This tintype photograph looks remarkably like the fellow we saw back before the holidays, who had his portrait done by T. M. Saurman. The resemblance is strong, so it’s either the same man or his brother. 140 more words