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Did you know September is National Sewing Month? I think I stored that information somewhere in the back of my mind until I started to look over my calendar. 639 more words

Jennifer Elliott

Geek Gear Is Here! Star Trek Hand Towels To Wash Away Pesky Romulans

Oh the hand towel. A necessary accessory for any geek home – especially if you are a Trekkie. And let’s face it, most of us are. 54 more words

Star Trek

Turn your old Wine Rack into a Towel Rack!!!

Do you have an old Wine Rack that is doing nothing but gathering dust???

Just add some towels and it has a new use and it looks great :)


Buying Guide For Hand Towels

Hand towels are considered the most essential item for everyday use. We need hand towels primarily to dry our face or hands after washing. However, in today’s modern age, hand towels also find use as props to accentuate the décor of the bathroom.

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Bathroom Hand Towels

Antique Huck Towels: what are they and when were they originally produced?

“A wha—?” you might ask yourself.

A ‘huck’ towel. I had to scratch my head and re-READ the price tag. Yes, it was a ‘something- something’ towel and it was clearly antique. 951 more words

May 2015

DIY Cheerful Potholders & Matching Hand-Towels

Bright handmade potholders and matching hand towels are sure to brighten up any kitchen! This is a great addition to any spring cleaning! While we are on that…check out my… 448 more words

Creatively Homespun

Best Bath mats and Carpets in India

Choosing a new carpet for the living area or bath mats for bathrooms can be a daunting task, especially when one has to keep in mind various other aspects like the colour scheme, the walls, the pattern, the housing style etc. 265 more words

Bath Mats And Towels