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A Door Knocker Scrapbook

The elaborate brass door knocker looks marooned on the glass door of this Saint-Germain boutique.  A solid door knocker needs a solid door, like these… 37 more words


brown bag

last night, i dreamt of you, again.

no malbec.

but i got to hold your hand

and kind of rub your forearm

before it slipped away. 34 more words

Bison Hand Water Pumps Attends GES 2017 Mumbai – Bison Pumps – Medium

VP Business Development for Bison Pumps, Rachael Cox, recently returned from a trip to Mumbai with her husband, Micah Cox, and World Trade Center Arkansas specialist, Denise Thomas VP Business…

Coarse, Rough and Irritating

I love Star Wars, but that movie was definitely the most cringe worthy of the saga.

That said, I also live on the coast, am surrounded by beaches and also don’t really like sand. 26 more words