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Arms of Nicholas Malmains

From the Dering Roll (c. 1270-1300)

Blazon: Gules three dexter hands erect in pale argent

This representation does not have the charges in the correct position; in order to be in pale, they should form a vertical line down the center of the shield, like the ordinary. 17 more words


Hand Drawings - Henry Moore

i surprised my self by doing this because i used to be very bad at drawing hands and still think i am. It is not often something that we practice, however drawing them during the lesson gave me some sort of reassurance.

Induction 2017

STUFF to buy Second Hand

Hello Everyone!

In this post I am going to explain why you should purchase second hand items, and when you should purchase second hand items. Not every item should be purchased new, and not every item should be purchased second hand. 431 more words

Your hand in mine

I took a star from the sky, sewed your name into the seam. Placed it above your head, while you continued to dream. I whispered into your ears, warned off all the bad nightmares. 417 more words