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A Hand with No Glove

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I saw this hand-shaped icicle hanging from the gutter near the garage side-door. 31 more words


Zero cops killed by Obama's... [claim of cop killer] ammo

“The White House claim that the ammunition for the popular AR-15 rifle should be banned as part of a “common sense” effort to protect police officers’ lives is being derided by police officers… 93 more words


Broken Heart

I walked down in the middle of the hallway from where rustlng sounds of footsetps were coming , a huge crowd was there all around me , to wish me on my sucesss with a smile on there face , many hands come forward to congratulate me , but that one hand was missing in this crowd , i wish i could have shared this happiness with him , so here i am watchng him walk by my side , without takng a single glance at me , keepng his head held high n he walked passed me like i dnt even exist , still a hope inside me whisperd to me that he ll hold and give me a smile but he walked away n took away my happniess in a moment



Apple in my hand
Through a snowbank on a bridge
Apple disappears

Spiral 21

One thousand ways to say I love you

141: I know you are doing all you can for the victory.
Here I stand. You can not lose, it has been planned. 116 more words