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What happened at Eltima, and how can you stay safe?

On 19 October 2017, for a period of just over seven hours, anyone who downloaded software – specifically the apps Folx and Elmedia Player – from the… 872 more words


OSX/Proton trojan is back! Here's what Mac users need to know

”Last May, a download server of popular video encoding software, called Handbrake, was compromised by malware,” Jay Vrijenhoek writes for Intego. “Users downloading Handbrake at the time got not only the Handbrake application but also a nasty malware, called OSX/Proton.” 236 more words


Compress Video Files Without Compromising With Its Quality

Tired of waiting copying a large video file? Do you want to know how to compress your file without having to compromise the quality of your video? 112 more words


How To Upload to YouTube Faster using (Handbrake)

Hi Guys this weeks Video is a Tutorial on how to Upload your Video’s to YouTube so much faster. HandBrake is a Video Transcoder that will compress you Video’s to a more reasonable size, ready to upload in less than 10 minutes.


How to view and edit RAW Security Camera DVR Video Files *.264 - updated & streamlined.

Back in 2015, I wrote a guide for Linux users on how to convert *.264 format video streams from a security DVR into something more usable. 367 more words


High CPU in Handbrake

Set the program to encode with only one core by doing the following:

— open handbrake
— add the source file
— select your overall settings… 57 more words


MKV To 480p MP4 In Handbrake

  • I always tick Web Optimized. That makes the video streamable. I don’t need to stream it, but then I’m a bit of a survivalist collector, so I like to have videos with maximum usefulness.
  • 467 more words
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