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Handbrake - SubTitles

One of the mysteries solved is how to encode video which has subtitles, but only in certain parts of the movie. Under the Subtitles tab, this configuration is what works for me. 43 more words


Ripping DVDs

My tool of choice for my DVD ripping needs is Handbrake.  It is an Open Source tool which supports Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.   341 more words

Free video subtitling

Content Marketing: How to subtitle your videos quickly and for free…

If you handle marketing campaigns across various countries, content localization is critical, when the asset is relevant for your audience. 411 more words


HandBrake: The party is way, way over

”The beta period is over,” Jeffrey Mincey writes for Mac360. “The great HandBrake 1.x, in development for a dozen years as a beta version, now is available to rip and burn DVD movies on your Mac. 215 more words


13 YEARS LATER, Video Converter HandBrake Is Out of Beta

Wow: HandBrake is finally out of beta after 13 years! “There is a reason why software goes through many phases of development, from its initial concept, to a workable prototype, a working alpha, beta, and finally its release. 61 more words

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Handbrake updated to v. 1.0.0 after 13 years of development

Video conversion app Handbrake is one of the world’s most popular in its niche, however it’s just coming out of beta after 13 years in development. 455 more words