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NST Now Offers NEO CHROME Handbrakes

The NonStopTuning Hydraulic Handbrake is an excellent upgrade for any drift or rally vehicle.

Drifting and rally requires extensive use of the handbrake and quickly exposes the inherent weaknesses in the standard cable type handbrakes supplied by the OEM. 101 more words


HandBrake AAC Encoder | What AAC Encoder Does HandBrake Use

HandBrake, a famed open source video transcoder, gave the latest update for version 0.10.5 on February 11, 2016 bringing improvements on x265 and large AVI handling, but announcing bad news that FDK AAC encoder has been removed from this new version due to license issue. 458 more words


Music and video part 3: Software

There are not many possibilities for video-editing on a Mac compared to the windows-platform. Maybe you can find some useful Apps for your IOS-device, but I will focus here on desktop-software, because I still think, that working on a desktop-computer is the most comfortable and powerful solution. 688 more words

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