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Not as lazy as I seem Pt1

Apologies for the complete lack of posts recently – a combination of work, life and a smidgen of “meh” have resulted is a complete lack of blog based output from myself. 495 more words

Meet The Fleet

Compiling Handbrake 0.10.5 on a Raspberry Pi 3

This is a follow up on my benchmarks for the Raspberry Pi 2 (see here).


  1. How fast is software x264 encoding now on a PI 3?
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停車時該使用P檔搭配手煞車嗎?手排車沒有P檔,所以一定會用手煞車。那自排車呢?不用手煞車會傷車嗎? 13 more words


Convert AVI files for AppleTV

Once you’ve setup Home Sharing so you can play movies from iTunes on the AppleTV, you’ll notice that some movie types won’t play.

Handbrake is a free tool that can convert avi and other video type to mp4 movies that will play on the AppleTV.   230 more words

Mac OS X

Van update

Since arriving back in the UK, the campervan hasn’t really moved much, sadly, nor have I done anything with it on account of being wrapped up in the process of finding work, moving to a new home, and generally getting back to reality. 1,669 more words


Handbtake, Video Transcoding Made Easy

HandBrake is a free and open-source video transcoder, originally developed by Eric “titer” Petit in 2003 to make ripping a film from a DVD to a data storage device easier. 72 more words


Humax 1800T and HandBrakeCLI


I recently purchased a replacement Freeview recorder box to replace the crappy Hitachi one that I had previously. The one I went with is the… 699 more words