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Handmade Rollerball Pen from Black Ash Burl

Black Ash Burl is one of those rare types of wood that just continues to amaze!  Each and every time I hand make a pen with this wood, the results are wonderful.   290 more words

Handmade Pen

Aromatic Wood - The Smells of the Shop

The sights and sounds of the work shop are intriguing and over time develop a familiar pattern.  They are reassuring in a sense, almost providing comfort as you work.   329 more words

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Evolution of Wood for a Handmade Pen

Making a handmade pen can be a challenge.  One of the tasks that is critical to making a handcrafted writing instrument is the selection of the material used in the pen.   466 more words

Making Pens

Handcrafted Walnut Ballpoint Pen with Satin Chrome Finish

This classic handmade ballpoint pen is made from walnut wood and is set against a satin chrome finish with chrome highlights.  What a classic look for a pen. 293 more words

Handmade Pen

Cleaning Your Handmade Fountain Pen

Your handmade fountain pen will need some regular maintenance to keep in tip top shape. Since fountain pens use an ink that needs to flow from the ink reservoir to the nib, it needs to be clean to function properly. 495 more words

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Fountain Pen Nibs - Basic Biology

People can become passionate when it comes to fountain pens.  Fine writing instruments are an extension to your hand and helps express your personality.  A fountain pen’s nib is as critical to its performance as your car’s tires are to your vehicle.   619 more words

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Handmade Rollerball Pen - Mixed Purple Polymer Clay with Chrome

What an amazing looking Polymer Clay pen!  A mixed purple motif with reds, whites and other shades of purple mixed in together which looks like the grain of wood.   335 more words

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