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Handcrafted Homemade Soap for Sale – Why You Should Choose Them

We should be glad that these soaps are available these days.

The year 2019 will definitely score several ingenious products in the world. We’re dawning of the age where climate change has become a major issue and can’t be neglected anymore. 197 more words


Take Control of What You Use for Your Cleaning at Home

Toxins can get in your homes in many ways. Regardless of the routes they use, they are not good for your health. That is why most of us will do whatever it takes to keep away the effects they cause. 296 more words

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Nothing like the quality of artisan made soap!

Once you try one of my soaps, there’s no going back. Made with skin loving oils to enrich and hydrate skin. I make it a bathing experience in which you will actually feel a bit “giddy” about your soap in your next bath or shower.

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DIY Natural Soapbar

Hello everybody! I’m back with content to share and hopefully inspire you.

A little story behind this post is from my own experience.

I’ve been Paraben Free and SLS Free for 1.5 years now, and since last year my sis and I made our own soapbar.

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Irresistible Range of Natural Products From Ocean Shores Soapworks

Handcrafted Soap, body care, facial products, hair products, foot care, bath accessories, soap dishes, laundry cleaning…you name it. Is it the bar soap you are looking for, gel, or a solution? 289 more words

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Ocean Shores Soapworks Avails The Best Bath Accessories

At Ocean Shores Soapworks — handcrafted soaps, natural bath and beauty products together with bath accessories are some of the items you should expect. We ensure that your household is clean and safe from disease. 277 more words

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Spice Your Holidays With Natural Soap From Ocean Shores Soapworks

Holidays come and go. It is the perfect time for celebrations and sending gifts to yourself, friends, and family. People are now used to giving stuff like earrings, clothes, food, flowers, and many others, but they are too obvious. 264 more words

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