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Happy Anniversary 🎉 Day 3


I just got my new Catherine Pooler stamp set and couldn’t wait to highlight it in my series! Again, I didn’t have a plan on how I was going to make my card tonight. 24 more words


Happy Anniversary 🎉 Day 2


Today’s card was not planned out at all. I received some very inexpensive stencils from Wish.com. I believe I received 12 stencils for the cost of shipping, which was only $3! 90 more words


Wedding 💒 Day 7


This is the last card of my wedding series for the week. You are probably wondering why I don’t use a Sunday-Saturday week, but I’m so used to going by my work week of Monday-Sunday. 30 more words


Welcome to the world Baby Jackson!

My second pair is a gift for my new great-nephew 🥰

These were such a joy to make! I thought about this beautiful new soul that is just beginning his life’s journey, and with every stitch I lovingly sewed the best of intentions into his new footwear. 34 more words


Wedding 💒 Day 6


I did a poll on Instagram as to which card I should post tonight and it was a tie! So, I will share both cards with you. 53 more words


My first pair - A gift for me!

A while back I signed up for a moccasin workshop at a local Native Friendship Centre, and I’ve been hooked ever since!

I chose a simple diamond beading pattern, which turned out to be a little trickier than expected due to the irregular (size & shape) beads that I chose, but all-in-all, they look pretty good considering it was my first beaded project! 11 more words


Dangling Silk & Black Metal

Hi there… Welcome to The Craft House!!

Yes… I’m trying new start line 😛

So, after so much glue and glitter in my last project, I wanted to do something that would make my hands less grubby. 67 more words