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DIY Bookmark #1

Two pretty plain bookmarks I’ve made with used materials I salvaged from paper CD covers.

A facade given to mask the condition of used thick cards, which serves pretty well as sturdy bookmarks.

DP Prompt

A Glimpse of the Past

This past weekend the village of South Jacksonville, Illinois came alive to celebrate the 47th Annual Prairie Land Heritage Museum Steam Show and Fall Festival Days. 703 more words

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9 Trendsetting Decor Ideas For Your Wedding

The pendulum has really swung recently when it comes to the world of wedding decor. When I got married a mere five years ago, it was still a really sparkly, shiny little bubble. 701 more words


Virkattu ampiaispesä, crocheted wasp's nest

I heard an interesting claim that wasps can be tricked into building their nest elsewhere if there’s a fake nest around! This past summer we had more than our fair share of wasps on  terrases and gardens, so I’m prepared to try! 365 more words


Beyond Popsicle Sticks: Tips For DIY Picture Frames

Think back to kindergarten and your first picture frame, proudly put together out of glued Popsicle sticks, some yarn and maybe a splash of glitter. 755 more words