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Planning For The Future

I have brought up and preached the subject of planning ahead a bunch of times; however I have not practiced what I preached in one aspect of autism. 1,809 more words


The Problem With Insurance

There is a huge problem in the world today in regards to insurance and what they will cover and what they won’t. I am not going to talk about just autism related issues today I am going to talk about how insurance impacts all disabled people. 1,498 more words


Loving You

This year’s New York Fashion Week definitely surpassed itself in terms of innovation and originality – not because of the “modest opulence” style that was recurrent in a lot of fashion shows, especially in the remarkable Michael Kors’ collection, but because of the unusual and pioneering use of models. 564 more words


Good News Garage: A Story to Share

April 17, 2013, Trinity Lutheran Church’s Good News Garage program had just completed a rehab on its latest car donation, an older minivan, that was now in great shape and ready for a new home. 369 more words

MotionSavvy Uni: let deaf and hearing people communicate

Motionsavvy UNI translates spoken language into written text instantaneously, allowing deaf people to understand what people say orally, and is able to interpret deaf people’s hand language, and make it oral. 9 more words

Out Now

Disabilities - 'We haven't found a disability we can't employ' says former senior vice-president at US retailer Walgreens

“Let me tell you a story,” says Randy Lewis, former senior vice-president at US retailer   Walgreens, in a Texan drawl. And it’s quite a story. It’s the tale of how a man who led logistics at America’s largest drug-store chain, supporting it as it grew from 1,600 to 8,000 outlets with the most advanced logistics network in its sector, did so while giving job opportunities to thousands of disabled people. 414 more words

Tools & Tips

Científicos europeos trabajan en el desarrollo de un software para mejorar el diagnóstico de los daños cerebrales por traumatismo

Un grupo de científicos británicos, franceses, finlandeses y lituanos están trabajando en el desarrollo de un software que tiene como objetivo mejorar el diagnóstico de los daños que sufre el cerebro después de un traumatismo, y poder predecir de esta forma el resultado de los posteriores tratamientos con el fin de personalizarlos según el perfil de cada una de las personas afectadas. 163 more words