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This One Time At Bike Camp

This post is to both congratulate my son Z and to also give a shout out to a great organization that helps disabled children learn how to ride a bike. 2,024 more words


Inclusion or Non-Inclusion

Deciding whether or not to have your autistic child in an inclusion classroom is a common choice parents have to make and sometimes it is not easy for some an d they struggle with it. 1,494 more words


Emergency Service The Good And The Bad

Today I would like to bring up a very important aspect of autism and disabilities, and that is how emergency personal think of and deal with disabled people. 1,886 more words


Planning For The Future

I have brought up and preached the subject of planning ahead a bunch of times; however I have not practiced what I preached in one aspect of autism. 1,809 more words


The Problem With Insurance

There is a huge problem in the world today in regards to insurance and what they will cover and what they won’t. I am not going to talk about just autism related issues today I am going to talk about how insurance impacts all disabled people. 1,498 more words


Loving You

This year’s New York Fashion Week definitely surpassed itself in terms of innovation and originality – not because of the “modest opulence” style that was recurrent in a lot of fashion shows, especially in the remarkable Michael Kors’ collection, but because of the unusual and pioneering use of models. 564 more words


Good News Garage: A Story to Share

April 17, 2013, Trinity Lutheran Church’s Good News Garage program had just completed a rehab on its latest car donation, an older minivan, that was now in great shape and ready for a new home. 369 more words