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I wasn't reading slow enough

Are you reading slow enough? Or have you take a speed reading course or been impressed that fast reading should be the goal so you can get more done? 436 more words

They aren't heavy

The problems faced by the old people in our society. 501 more words

Travel and Retirement

Oh, to wish to retire and travel to all those destinations I have always dreamed of. To have meals prepared and available at my discretion. To be pampered. 94 more words


Walking a Painful Mile

The old adage “walk a mile in his shoes” is a good credo to weave into your way of thinking. Consideration of others and a nonjudgmental attitude goes a long way toward lifting spirits and making the world, frankly, a better place. 823 more words

Chen Xingyin : A Man Without Hands

48 year old, Chen Xingyin was electrocuted at just seven years old. Since then, he has had to learn how to cook, do household chores, look after livestock and cultivate two hectares of farmland using nothing but his feet. 108 more words

Inspirational Stories

On Walking with a Limp

So I get it now.  This is actually normal, this living with an empty space.  For a little while, we were convinced it could be filled.   287 more words

Practice It Right-Let's Be Polite (236)

When you parked you must have mentally zapped-

That sign that boldly read handicapped.