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Disabled and Proud

Earlier this week I had the privilege of attending a forum on living with HIV/AIDS organised by The G-Spot, a student group in Yale-NUS College. The forum featured a panel of three men in their twenties who live with HIV (PLHIV), and I thought it was an important wonderful opportunity to hear from a marginalised and invisible population that we tend not to pay too much attention to except when new statistics arise about just how many more people have been infected this year. 1,229 more words


On a Personal Note

Most of my blog posts are about awareness for invisible illness, social acceptance of disabilities, food allergies, and so on. But it is also important for me (as a person) to just let everyone know how I’m doing and what is going on in my world. 766 more words

Chronic Illness

Life Without Limbs

Nick Vujicic was born with no arms or legs. He is a strong Christian and travels the whole world sharing Christ with thousands of people. 152 more words


A Day in My Shoes

How many times have you said “If they could spend one day in my shoes (one minute even) they might understand how I feel”? I’m guilty of saying this as well, but the more I really thought about what those words meant, I’ve cut it out of my vocabulary. 507 more words


Ignorance towards disability

Last week I competed in a disability sporting event. At one point I glanced around the room and thought, “God, I feel so average here.” So many people with a variety of disabilities. 343 more words

Hotel Patria

Sitting in the shadow of the historical Turkish minaret at the heart of beautiful Pecs (Capital of Culture in 2010), Hotel Patria is the perfect spot from which to explore the city’s vibrant museums, galleries, restaurants and bars. 105 more words

Pecs Hotels

Life in a wheelchair. How to move forward. 

In a wheelchair there are many obstacles, in our home, stores, at the Drs, traveling, hotels, boats, trains and automobiles. We all know that the world is not wheelchair accessible. 476 more words