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Love Yourself: Story of My Life

I’ve been alive in this world for almost twenty three years; I don’t have any companion except my family.

My mother carried me in her womb for nine months. 1,069 more words

Hello, World!

I hate Dr Mels&group they are simply neurotic you have to run miles away from them;

Anytime they suffer rejection from society the only thing they do is abuse people from morning to night using anything that talks or moves….

Lord william saint -Dr Mels are Very learning Dis……. 27 more words


This is why we're fat, vol. 8

At the clinic, a 3-year-old burst out of the back and into the lobby and loped toward the exit with his young mom in tow. She started pushing open the big glass door when he yelled, “No!” and threw all his weight into pushing it open by himself. 241 more words

Life And Junk.

Self Discipline Tastes Like Dark Beer

Sometimes I feel more free and able than people who can walk. I have discipline for eating things that are good for my body, my gut and my brain. 522 more words

Fighting Disability

Co Dependent Relationship

I am in a co dependent relationship with my youngest daughter. She is 5 and handicapped. I think that is the reason I allow her to cling to me (because I feel needed). 74 more words