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Lose Belly Fat With A Chair

Yes,we can sit & loss belly fat. This is ideal when we can’t get down on the floor & do sit ups & whatever else they do to lose the belly. 30 more words

Get Fit Sitting

These are ideal for the handicapped or the obese…prime for lazy folks,too. I have pain in my lower back,hips,knees,& feet…these seated workouts are appreciated.

Dear John: Placard Abuse By Friend Irks Her

I have a friend who uses her elderly mother’s handicap placard to park in handicap spots even when her mother is not in the car. My friend is able-bodied. 105 more words

Jaw With John

I don't think Compelled Speech works

I’ve been observing the conversation around compelled speech for the last few years.  I had probably been aware of it to some regard, but it really wasn’t a focal point for me until Jordan Peterson started making a fuss over in Toronto.  1,447 more words

Human Behavior

Confidently Facing Reality

Watching Freaky Eaters & My 600 Pound Live has me confidently facing reality. I can lose the weight. I’m as huge as I am from my lifestyle. 276 more words

Handicapped Who? We know how to make you happy!

Let’s face it, the Milano we all know is facing a change, the food and beverage sector in the city is booming and many bars and restaurants are letting you experiment the tastes of the whole world. 1,236 more words


Shop Backup Camera Systems and Vehicle Safety Solutions

Shop our top of the line backup camera systems and vehicle safety solutions. We have products for every industry including truck, bus, RV, motorhome, cargo van, industrial, emergency and more. 22 more words