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Marvels of Pakistan

There are many specialties of Pakistan. The most captivating and the alluring specialty of Pakistan is handicrafts.  The cultural recognition of Pakistan is renowned overwhelmingly and it is also considered as the stupendous partisanship. 522 more words


Pakistan Has Rich History of Handicrafts

Every country has different and unique crafts and also has own crafts locally. These crafts represent the taste of the country and the colors of its region. 455 more words


Green roses

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I thought I saw what looked like green roses, and then the answer came. Someone left one in the kitchenette and I took a photo of it. 28 more words


Shopping: Stitch 'n' Bitch

A few disclaimers before we get into the meat and gristle of this here post. 1) I do know that I’m stealing the title of this post from a book (Mom’s a big knitter- go check out… 324 more words

Driving this morning I pulled over a couple times to snap photos… isn’t this world so beautiful?  God’s handiwork amazes me.  He crafts each leaf, each blade of grass, each drop of water.  30 more words

Your Job is Critical

“The magnificent work God is creating in you out-masters every scheme of the adversary. God will protect His handiwork, His investment. YOUR JOB IS CRITICAL.

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Tammi's Hump Day Helper

WIP: Almondine Socks

My Almondine socks are still a work in progress, with only eleven more rows of the chart until I advance onto the heel, and then a continuation of the chart to the toe…..I do plan on having these complete for September, or at least… 32 more words