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Oops, I did it again

I started a sock. Yes, the spell of the shawl is broken. I didn’t knit at all yesterday; I had lunch with a friend, then went home early with a muscle spasm in my back. 229 more words

Mother's love, Ista konaronkwa

Mother’s love, Ista konaronkwa

handknit Kevlar, rabbit fur, ribbon, beads


Mother’s love, Ista konaronkwa is an infant sized hand knit Kevlar hat lined with rabbit fur, adorned with beads and ribbon. 131 more words

Supernatural Kindness

So I cast on a new skein of sock yarn last weekend. It’s beautiful sock yarn, pink and orange and green with a thread of sparkly stellina throughout. 160 more words


“Let’s go Warriors!”  NOW FOR PURCHASE:  Sports-inspired hand-knit sweater keychains, school bag/purse charms or party favors in your favorite sports team colors!  Colors currently available are for Golden State Warriors, Pittsburgh and SF Giants.  54 more words

LK In Da House!

"wild and (really) woolly" . . .

At Thanksgiving break, my granddaughter, Anna, and I had lunch. I had brought a few knitted neck scarves for her to try on. Without a moment’s hesitation, she picked up a blue handspun piece with bobbles and uneven yarns. 356 more words

OK. So it's not Madeline Tosh.

The twist is thick-thin and the ply is uneven, but I like it. What else did I expect from beginning hand spun? I think the simplicity of top down raglan compliments it though.   179 more words