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Central Comm, Your Virtual Receptionist & More!

Central Communications employs professional men and women who know how important it is to answer calls in a patient and professional manner. Receptionists and operators are a vital front line for your business. 417 more words

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Sci-fi Tech & Real Life

Here at Central Communications we are always monitoring new advances in the field of communications. People may think of us as some Lilly Tomlin operator at a giant switchboard but nothing could be further from the truth. 360 more words

Handling Business Calls

Central Comm's IPhone App

IPhone, the most popular communication device around today. They call it a phone, but those of us who own one know that it’s so much more. 209 more words

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Texting Is The Leading Way For Teens To Keep In Touch.

Do you remember when the first blackberry came out? It was the first phone with a full keyboard that offered everything from email access to internet usage and every businessman and woman had to have one. 417 more words

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Who Uses Answering Services?

Answering Service? Who still uses those? Call Centers? Dispatch services? Virtual Assistants? Who uses those and what for?

Central Communications started out as simply an answering service almost 50 years ago. 219 more words

Answering Service

Are You Answering Your Phones Properly?

As a professional, award-winning answering service, dispatch service and call center, we know how to answer business phone lines. Our operators have extensive training on how to handle phone calls, and on our customers’ business models. 628 more words

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Virtual Receptionist Services

Central Communications has been in business for over 50 years now. We have seen our business evolve over the years. In the early days, we probably spent most of our time answering calls for certain professions, and acting as a night receptionist for large corporations. 268 more words

Tips For Business Communications