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Change: When Change Finds You

+Jeanne Takenaka @JeanneTakenaka

Sometimes, we know a change is coming. Other times, it makes its presence known through a simple tumble down a mountainside. 666 more words


Whoa, What Just Happened Here?!

:-o  I told you.

I wasn’t kidding in a previous post about putting this blog into the Lord’s hands and seeing where He would take it.  263 more words


How To Win At Living Well

Step One: Get dumped.

I’m sorry, but it’s absolutely necessary for the rest of the steps. It might seem unfair, but there is no revenge without an act to incite it. 696 more words

Are You Managing Change?

– By Guest Blogger, Tamera Loerzel, partner at ConvergenceCoaching, LLC and Women’s Conference speaker

Are you managing change, or are you just letting change happen around you? 813 more words

Our Iceberg is Melting

If there is anything that is permanent in this world it is change and if there is one thing that people indeed abhor in their lives  it is change. 515 more words

Books And Blurbs

Hello Again!

      I am glad to be back!

“What in the world have I been doing?” you ask. Sorry there was no warning, but . . . yes, I lost my focus. 292 more words

Self Help

Busyness and Change

It’s been quite the summer. Toward the end it got really busy, so busy that I haven’t posted here in a month. Because: September wedding (ours), honeymoon in Vermont and upstate New York, and then getting back to real life. 98 more words