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Our Iceberg is Melting

If there is anything that is permanent in this world it is change and if there is one thing that people indeed abhor in their lives  it is change. 515 more words

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Hello Again!

      I am glad to be back!

“What in the world have I been doing?” you ask. Sorry there was no warning, but . . . yes, I lost my focus. 292 more words

Self Help

Busyness and Change

It’s been quite the summer. Toward the end it got really busy, so busy that I haven’t posted here in a month. Because: September wedding (ours), honeymoon in Vermont and upstate New York, and then getting back to real life. 98 more words


Scooping up the field mice...

It’s a beautiful morning.  Still warm, but comfortable now.  The sun is shining through the banana tree leaves, and the clouds are fluffy and gorgeous. 78 more words

Handling Change

“Forgive them, Lord, for they know not what they do”

The Bible is a wonderful text and conforms in many ways to the way of life that other religions also advocate. Forgiveness is the most cleansing experience for those who may practice it genuinely and with utmost sincerity. 824 more words

Surekha Kothari

Thoughts on: Moving

This isn’t going to be a how-to or informative post per se. It’s really just using the blog to share some personal thoughts because sometimes when I share things here, I get motivated to make changes in non-blog (aka, real life) world. 334 more words

Our House


To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.  Ecclesiastes 3:1

The opening words to the song “Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand” says, “Time is filled with swift transition…” Those words are absolutely true.

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