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It's All in How You Handle It

What a difference a recovery can make. Taking an angry, unhappy customer and turning them around in to one of your best regulars. Spokespersons for your restaurant. 583 more words


Don't Throw Away The Gift A Complaining Customer Provides

For many, a complaining customer, is one no business wants or needs.  The complaining customer is probably speaking in harsh tones, short of patience, demanding and working on your last nerve. 573 more words

Customer Service

Handling Customer Complaints

You cannot please everybody.  In your work or in your business, you will encounter customer complaints.  Your success will depend on how well you handle customer complaints. 687 more words

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Coping with Customer Complaints

Providing excellent customer service can be very rewarding, not only for the customer but also for the service representative who provides it. It’s the human touch that allows us to build relationships with our customers, and it’s these very relationships that can be jeopardized if we aren’t fully aware of and try to meet our customers’ needs. 437 more words


101 Ways to Advertise, Promote and Sell a Carpet Cleaning Service (Tips 91-101)

  1. Commercial newsletters: Again, a great way to help you keep the commercial accounts that you have worked so hard to acquire and to acquire new accounts by sending a newsletter to potential customers that you are trying to obtain.
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Ideal Response Time for Customer Complaints

What is the ideal time frame for responding to a customer complaint?

Our experience suggests that the number one thing that dis-satisfies customers is “how long you took to handle my problem.”  This holds true across industries. 376 more words

Customer Service Best Practices

101 Ways to Advertise, Promote and Sell a Carpet Cleaning Service (Tips 81-90)

  1. Mobile home park door knob hangers: Because mobile home parks can provide a large volume of business with no extra travel time due to the close proximity of the mobile homes, you may want to distribute targeted door knob hangers in these mobile home parks.
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