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When Push Comes To Shove

There’s a quote by Robert Frost that says, “Never cut what you can untie.” and I feel that it’s so relevant to modern day relationships. When there’s a “knot” in a relationship, most people cut their losses and move on, when if they only took the time to untie the knot, the relationship would have more of a chance of lasting. 787 more words


The Power of Music (My 25 Tunes of the Day)

As an advocate for the arts as healing, I know the power of creative healing from my training as well as from personal experience. Although I have not been trained in music therapy, I understand and appreciate the power of music and know how helpful it can be to use this modality in my drama therapy practice. 586 more words


Finding Moments of Grace (20 Of My Favourite Things)

What is a moment of grace?

It can be a meditative moment where you visualize something, someone, or a moment in time that gives you happiness and serenity. 252 more words


5 Days to Think About Mindful Practices (Day 5)

Day 5: Body Scanning

It has come to the final day of the 5 day mindfulness practice reflection. I aim to continue finding ways to incorporate mindfulness in my daily routine and new exercises that I find simple to use on a regular basis. 830 more words


5 Days to Think About Mindful Practices (Day 4)

Day 4: Breathing

I am an anxious person. When I get anxious my body and my thoughts change. My anxiety can be triggered at any place or any time. 443 more words


5 Days to Think About Mindful Practices (Day 3)

Day 3: Sensory Experiencing

There are times I feel myself becoming disconnected with my space and my senses. This happens during times when I become very busy and I am in in my thoughts almost 100% of the day. 461 more words


This One Goes Out to All You Type-A Personalities. You Know Who You Are...

I recently started going through a book with a group of friends for the purpose of conversation, encouragement and inspiration. The last time we met, I was struck by a common theme: we are all your classic type-A overachievers who have found that motherhood and life in general constantly puts us at odds with our goals, to-do lists, and general sense of accomplishment. 1,420 more words