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I Don't Function Well Outside of Routine...

Anyone else like me?

Life happens, your schedule gets messed up, and your whole day is off?

My whole family has been sick at various times for the last two weeks. 100 more words

Life Lessons And Advice

Making Time

Sometimes when I was in school or working or both I remember not making as much time for God and at the time it seemed justified. 351 more words

Toxic Family Members

Steer Clear: Handling Toxic People
18 March 2018

“Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God . . .” 1 John 4:7…

477 more words
A Hufflepuff In Texas

Good Advice?

“Stick to what you’re working at.  Concentrate on what you’re doing.  Don’t get side-tracked.”

That sounds like good advice.  And it is…most of the time.  However, we have to come to the realization that good advice doesn’t always line up with the will of God for you.  579 more words


No Greater Love

Have you ever sacrificed your own desires for someone because you loved them more than yourself? That certainly expressed true love, right?  Well, tomorrow is… 566 more words


Say NO to stress

I’ve always thought that I’m someone who can handle stress very well. Heck, I even used to think I actually THRIVE in it. And although I had the strong mental will to fight off stress, there came a time when my body told me otherwise. 381 more words

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Breathe, Relax and De-Stress!

Is your life filled with stress?

Do you work under stressful conditions? Have a domineering boss? Do you experiences stress as a nurse, (my #1 patient) when you can’t do anything for that small child dying in the ICU? 550 more words