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The Frustration with Relationships

Both romantic and friendly, we will always hit a point with people where we get frustrated. Usually it’s because we don’t like the way they handle situations or people. 501 more words


Balance: A Story of Struggle

Recently I’ve been getting very discouraged because I haven’t been working out. Over the summer I was going to the gym 4-5 times a week. I felt great, I was looking better, I was motivated, and I felt like a train that couldn’t be stopped. 204 more words

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Catching Up

Hello lovely readers! I apologize for going MIA for a bit there. Recently I have been very stressed out with work and school and simply didn’t have time to write. 137 more words

Mind Body Spirit

Writer on the Road - Day One

Between my normal writing schedule, I’ll be doing a mini series about my life on the road. I’m going through some massive life changes and starting NaNoWriMo, so this series will be a little bit about how to stay productive while writing, but also just about my trip in general. 414 more words


The anti-stress test: Some tips for better stress management

Stress levels are on record highs in this fast-paced, modern world. We must find a way to ensure that we adapt to and not get overwhelmed by the many stimuli, from distractions and information overload, and piling workload. 264 more words

Handling Stress

Moving Forward Through Stress

Today I have a lot of homework to do. I have work in the morning. And I need to find time to work out/meditate. So today I am going to remind myself to breathe and live in the moment. 162 more words


For better health, live life minus the madness of popular culture

A movie or story might start with “Long ago and far away” or “In a simpler place and time” to set the mood. People often hunger for these things since we now live in a world filled with rage, hate, gross immorality, and violence. 167 more words

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