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Primrose & Adalaide

A new burst of creativity has recently hit me! The timing seems almost crazy since I havent had a moment alone to just breath lately… Its the end of school so we have field trips and field days, one kid graduating from Kindergarten, and another from 5th grade… Karate and Band and teething, OH MY! 162 more words

Our Most Beloved Products

In the last few weeks, we have conducted in our stores a survey between our customers to know what are their favourite products, so you will have a better idea of what we have to offer. 232 more words

A day in the life.....




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Fair Trade

The launch of Danique Keepsakes

Welcome to my shiny new blog, to go along with my shiny new Facebook business page, Instagram and Etsy shop! Work is currently in progress but I can’t wait to launch Danique Keepsakes in April and best of all, I will be sharing my knowledge along the way! 254 more words

Adult Keepsakes

Crochet doll

I love playing with apps ​. She will be available soon .


Everly... A Tea & Story Doll


I was sitting outside with my kids one afternoon a few weeks ago on a knit blanket in the grass… It was warm, yet the ground was cool. 170 more words

Doll Crafts

Everyone’s ready now. Photo-op for the new book, “Doll Crafts” which is going through the editing process right now. These are all featured in the book, plus other stuff, so it’s going to be good to see it come together. 15 more words