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Scottish Folk Tales and Legends Digital Publication

Presented with a digital publication assignment, I decided to transform my favorite book of faery tales—Scottish Folk-Tales and Legends by Barbara Ker Wilson—from a yellowing, well-loved library rental to a fresh, iPad-ready book with colorful, digitized illustrations. 9 more words

Handmade Type

'Open' Visualizations Set

This project was one of my favorites to create, as it allowed me the opportunity to step away from the computer, make something with my hands and get out in the world. 36 more words

Handmade Type

Marshmallow Coast

This type poster was a joy for me to create. I borrowed a line from a lesser known of Montreal song, The Hopeless Opus or the Great Battle of the Unfriendly Ridiculous… 57 more words

Handmade Type

You're so ugly when you cry

I didn’t forget about blogging, I am just working on a new website and a new project, so hopefully, I will be able to show you lots of new stuff soon. 22 more words


Zahra - Typography

A present for someone again : )

I usually run away from typography; but decided to experiment with it this time.

At least it doesn’t give me nightmares anymore..so thank god : P

Tasneem Amiruddin