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The Handmaiden review; This year's most depraved and beautiful.

The Handmaiden is one of the finest films you will ever see this year. It is rich with nuance, savagery and ravishing beauty. I have not seen Park Chan Woo’s most famous cult classic Oldboy. 591 more words


Feminist Journey 'The Handmaiden' is Sumptuous and Satisfying

Movie Review: The Handmaiden

Unrated 2h 24min

Director: Chan-wook Park

Stars: Min-hee Kim, Jung-woo Ha, Jin-woong Jo

by Jason Koenigsberg

Chan-wook Park’s newest film… 597 more words

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Filmekimi 2016- İzlediklerim Hakkında

Filmekimi 2016’yı bugün sonlandırdım. Sırasıyla Ken Loach, I, Daniel Blake (Ben, Daniel Blake);  Xavier Dolan, It’s Not the Enf of the World (Alt Tarafı Dünyanın Sonu) 1,801 more words


"Oldboy" director Park Chan-wook explores crime, sensuality and colonial Korea with "The Handmaiden"

Park Chan-wook paces around the small karaoke room at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. Given the savagery of the South Korean filmmaker’s increasingly legendary “Oldboy,” one of the gnarliest tales of revenge ever lensed, you’d perhaps think he was pacing “like a caged tiger” or “a man imprisoned” or some such nonsense. 642 more words

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Chan-wook Park's 'The Handmaiden' Sees a Shift in the Release Date

We’ve got just a quick update for those of you who’ve been paying close attention to Chan-wook Park’s (Oldboy, Thirst) latest picture, The Handmaiden… 271 more words


‘Oldboy’ Director Prepares to Deliver ‘The Handmaiden’ in Time for Halloween

Chan-wook Park is the kind of filmmaker that aims to keep film fresh. One glance at his résumé and you’ll know exactly what I mean. That instates a certain confidence in anything he does, especially his latest chiller, … 284 more words


Tipping the Scale

Last week, while fulfilling my Handmaiden duties to my mother by assisting her with cleaning out my late grandmother’s estate, I came across Nana’s old bathroom scale. 807 more words