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The Handmaiden Moth

The handmaiden moth (family Arctiinae) is primarily diurnal, which is unusual — most moths are nocturnal. They resemble wasps on account of the colored bands across their bodies, which deters some predators. 187 more words



Carrying their dead brother’s body and his belongings, the Xaniqos return home to Erelhei-Cinlu. The streets are swarming with Tormtor and Despana fighters, who guard the grand drow city, but none dare to stop the siblings. 757 more words


Harvest of Stars

She is the humble handmaiden

of the goddess of the moon


She who bathes the night

and all that dwell in the darkness

in her silver-white radiance… 121 more words


The Handmaiden (2016) Film Review

There are no major spoilers in this review. However, as much as I want my reviews to be read and enjoyed by everyone if you have any plans to see the film anytime soon stop reading now. 342 more words


The Handmaiden's Tale - A review

This distopian tale is an unsatisfying story. I feel as though I’ve been preached to, without a solution offered or any redemption possible.

Society’s downfall is brought about by the excesses of modern living in America: nuclear waste, consumerism, freedoms, literacy, contraceptive use by the white population, insecticides, abortion issues, biological hazards, and Playboy bunnies. 326 more words

Book Reviews

The Handmaid's Tale (2017)

A few months ago I mentioned in my review of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale that I was hurrying through the book to be able to watch the new series on Bravo. 310 more words