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Unit-tests / TDD with TypeScript

For: developers, architects and teamleads that want to incorporate unit-testing for their TypeScript projects

A couple of blog posts ago we’ve set up a basic build-line… 1,075 more words

What It's Like to Play Super Mario Run

In the decades since Mario’s inception, Nintendo’s stout, adventurous plumber has made his way to consoles of varying shapes and sizes, from the classic NES to the company’s 3DS handheld. 1,149 more words

Articulation 3: the virtual salon

The central idea of this resource was the virtual salon, based on a panoramic photo I took of the Shine salon:

Using sliders to pan the photo… 701 more words

Internships and Co-Ops: How to Kick Start Your Career

There is a question almost every college student has sleepless nights over – What must I do to succeed? For a freshman in college who might not have any idea what they want to do in their life, internships, externships, leadership opportunities, and co-ops can be the first steps in answering this question. 527 more words


Final Fantasy XV: Hands-On

Good evening or afternoon, whichever your time zone will be. I been meaning to update more but what been keeping me off this been my job and the situation I been going through. 775 more words


DirecTV Now Isn’t The Cord-Cutting Solution You’re Looking For

As I started the DirecTV Now app on my Apple TV, Storage Wars spilled across my screen — and I couldn’t change the channel fast enough. 1,514 more words


F4 discovering where worms live

As part of Curious Kids last week we looked at worms and discovered that they live under ground.  We made a home for worms using sand and soil but so far haven’t found any real worms to live in it! 11 more words

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