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You’re like putty in my hands…

I like it, because now I can use you for a change, and not the other way around anymore…

Haruka Diary- Online

first fruits

I sink my thumb into the peal

bringing me to that moment

when the scent is released

and the juice clings to my fingers

pith and oil beneath my nails… 24 more words

Bold Requests and Being Caught

I have heard said that the most effective way to learn a lesson is by making a mistake … but it is often quite a painful experience … which may be why it is effective. 759 more words

Bible Journaling

Hands, Personal Challenges!, & Cheering Up

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday to all! And if it isn’t happy, then Happy almost Wednesday! It’s almost the start of a whole new day filled with new adventures and such! 1,684 more words

Life Updates

Episode #53 - Jenny Mitchell and Iris Fraser: Brother Frank on a Golden Bus


There are stories, songs, even full movies, woven into the places where we live our lives. Jenny Mitchell and Iris Fraser-Gudrunas were coming-of-age sidekicks entering Toronto’s DIY art scene in the mid-2000s. 119 more words



This may be presumptuous of me, but may I touch your hand? You see, I’m investigating reality and they say that it’s something to do with sensory impressions. 418 more words

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