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Plant-filled parking lot
Empty seat—my wife returns
Succulent in hand


Tree shadows strobing
On baby hands which protrude
Under a draped cloth

Lend a hand?

Why do we often depict cannibalism by showing someone eating a hand or a foot? If one is eating a person, the obvious place to get a good mouthful is the thigh, right? 133 more words


The Importance of Persistence

I recently learned a huge lesson in persistence.

At the start of the summer of 2016, my hands started to feel very itchy. Due to the warmth in the weather and therefore the more time I’d been spending outside, I assumed this was just an insect bite or something similar. 1,736 more words



I’ve always liked the fact that the French word for hands is mains. I don’t know what the origin of the word is, but, translated back into English, it seems appropriate. 523 more words

Kate's Words


My hands:

The left one is the frustrated one, the one that cannot put pen to paper, can only tap out on a keyboard. Even on that keyboard I’m not sure which of them is most dominant. 394 more words