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Hands Free Living

One thing I have always been concerned about is this loss of connection with the people sitting in front of us from being over connected to people a million miles away. 777 more words

Fone Free Day - The Day That Was

Hello People!

On Saturday I decalred that I and Deepika, my fellow-blogger and partner in crime, would be going off our phones for one entire day, making it the First day of our initiative called… 1,236 more words


Fone Free Day - An Initiative

There’s a saying that goes,

An excess of anything is bad.

But we are living a life of excess everyday. Excesses of food, TV, information, lethargy, negativity, pollution, alcohol, drugs, money, what not.

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Danger Zone

Absolutely no reason for my thought process today. I was going to write about “Roasted Sea Laver”. But this is all I could come up with: 199 more words