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Hands Free Living

One thing I have always been concerned about is this loss of connection with the people sitting in front of us from being over connected to people a million miles away. 777 more words

Fone Free Day - The Day That Was

Hello People!

On Saturday I decalred that I and Deepika, my fellow-blogger and partner in crime, would be going off our phones for one entire day, making it the First day of our initiative called… 1,236 more words


Fone Free Day - An Initiative

There’s a saying that goes,

An excess of anything is bad.

But we are living a life of excess everyday. Excesses of food, TV, information, lethargy, negativity, pollution, alcohol, drugs, money, what not.

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Danger Zone

Absolutely no reason for my thought process today. I was going to write about “Roasted Sea Laver”. But this is all I could come up with: 199 more words

Handsfree Kits & Penalty Points!

Penalty points and fines are set to double for drivers using mobile phones.

Motorists caught using their mobile phones will automatically receive six points on their license instead of the current three and on the spot fines will be doubled from £100 to £200 the government has announced. 628 more words