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The men of Yunnan (3)- A sultry film star..

Elaborate hairstyles, black blazers and casually rolled up jeans – now that’s more like it.

This wasn’t only little pockets of youths hanging on corners, but rather “de rigueur”- they didn’t want to be caught dead with a working tool in their hands. 31 more words


The men of Yunnan (2)- A true cutiepie

This one, he could be as lazy as he’d want. With that cute face, I bet he could get away with anything… 14 more words


Ranjeet Warhol

It’s been an unfortunately long time since I posted. What better way to re-enter than this? (Original here)

Rants And Piffles

Happy New Year!

May this year have loads more of Sonu Sood-like-hotness, great movies, great times with loved ones and yummy food. And Breezers.

Handsome Men

Alert Amitabh is Alert

This is the first time I’m making a youtube clip into a gif – the result is So much smoother. I must admit, this was just a test, I randomly inserted a video and put arbitrary time values in, but it came out so good, I couldn’t help but share. 21 more words

Handsome Men