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Handspun Sisterhood Stretcher (Quaker Yarn Stretcher)

Last month, thanks to a cancelled flight and some reshuffling, I had some extra hang time in airports on my way to Rhinebeck. It seemed to me the perfect time to cast on for something new. 303 more words

Wovembers Robins Pincushion Pi

It’s taken a year in the making but it’s finally complete. The Robins Pincushion project is done.  Spun for Spinzilla, knitted for Wovember, covering me up on the sofa whilst binge watching too much crappy TV in December/January/and or February. 723 more words

Game Knitting

Last weekend I went to a fun little knitting convention in Seattle, and I did something awesome that I’ve never one before!

Game Knitting!

Game Knitting was originally developed by Lee Meredith of… 300 more words


Baby in Sweaters

I knew, from about 32 weeks pregnant, that J would be a big baby. When they placed him on my chest immediately after birth, my darling husband’s unbelieving exclamation was “that’s the biggest baby I’ve ever seen!” Later, we had to ask my mom to bring some 0-3 month outfits, as he was already too big for all the adorable newborn outfits we brought to the hospital. 131 more words


The Almost Perfect Sweater (Handspun Laurie)

This summer, I had a brief lull between major events in the life of my family. That lull neatly corresponded with Tour de Fleece, so I spun and spun and spun, ending up with… 577 more words

My order from Beth just arrived moments ago.  I finally have a ritual cord for Fen!  It’s just perfect, and if you don’t have any of her cords, you should!   225 more words

Beth reblogged this on Wytch of the North and commented:

Sharing this praise for my ritual cords and incense from one of my wonderful repeat customers. Thank you, Rose--I can understand your reaction to the Iron Wood incense because when I hit upon the formula for Odin's Cloak it made me feel the same way. I may need to add your comment about it (without using your name, of course) to that scent description. <3

Spinday Results

Yesterday was very productive chez Shells. We cleaned out the garage and unpacked the last of Mr. Ink’s boxes from the move. I guess he’s staying. 170 more words

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