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Green Merino

I’ve spun the first 50g of the lovely forest green Merino I got from Adelaide Walker at the Big Textile Show. I want to make a hat of it, which means it would make sense to spin it more woolen, but it’s a combed top – so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to try spinning from the fold! 212 more words

One More Week

Well, we had a fun evening around here. I left work, checked my pokemon game only to see a dragonite in sightings. What a surprise! I’ve been walking a dragonair for over 88 km and am still only 60% to my goal of a dragonite. 689 more words

Fiber Arts

Reflecting on this day

So, it’s my 40th birthday. I sort of don’t care much about birthdays as a general rule and let them pass with little fanfare. I rarely plan anything ahead of time, I see where that date falls on the calendar, and then try to make it special incorporating whatever I’d most likely be doing on that date anyhow. 539 more words

Fiber Arts

Episode 49: Little Scallops

Thank you for tuning in this week! We are still fighting the plague but we are starting to feel better and get back on our feet. 193 more words



Guys, decisions are hard! At least, big ones like vehicles. We’ve just been struggling along this week attempting to make a decision. And just when we think we have, one of us thinks of some additional point that throws a wrench into the whole thing and makes us start over. 519 more words

Fiber Arts

First Section of Scarf

I’ve made a start at the scarf I’m making out of the Portland/Coloured Ryeland/Manx Loaghtan that I dyed the other day.

I’m very pleased with what I’ve done so far, but unfortunately I’m out of wool :( 131 more words


One of the most pleasurable things I’ve found to making things is the state of being purely in one’s mind, before hand is put to textile, thinking about what one wants to make, what one will use, and how one will go about it. 427 more words