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Staying Busy

We started our day yesterday with a trip to the local botanical garden in hopes to see a corpse flower in bloom. It didn’t work out, it still wasn’t blooming. 736 more words

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Luxury of Luxuries

As y’all know, I really like to sample different blends and breeds in my spinning. The variety keeps me fresh and inspired and challenged so I try to get my hands on a bit of everything and to switch things up a lot. 659 more words


Back Breaking

After a full day of this:

We are still left with this:

Blisters are forming on Mr. Ink’s hands and his back is, as usual, a royal mess. 310 more words

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Well, that was a long gap.

I think I’ve discovered the problem with keeping new release announcements and promotions to my newsletter, and only posting personal projects and the like here on the blog: 99.999% of my projects are work-related, I don’t often get time to spin, and so there’s not much to say a lot of the time. 288 more words


This Week May 22-28.

Last week’s list:

  • More scraping around garage window frame
    • This did not get done due to having only 2 days of non rainy weather. One of them was spent desperately trying to get a handle on the mowing, and the next nice day the yard waste, full of rotting grass clippings, was so rancid smelling that I couldn’t stand to be anywhere near the garage.
  • 626 more words
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Dark and Stormy

We are just getting so much rain the past few days. It’s been dark and dreary. When I woke up this morning it was, again, pouring so hard. 310 more words

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