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Day 10

I am going to complain for a moment. Complain that I am now on day 10 of this cold, and really, aren’t they only supposed to last 1 week? 391 more words

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Settling In

I took the day off from work today. The grant that was due this week fell through completely, and my other large obligations were over yesterday late. 401 more words

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Sneak Peek

Since I continuously don’t take photos of my finished 2018 sweaters, of which there are now two, I took quick sneak peek ones of them being worn. 388 more words

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"Nettles for Textiles" w/ Allan Brown

Brilliant video about the process of making fiber from nettles. The methods are simple and really, just take time. This film tracks the process from plant to finished fiber. 55 more words


Hello, World!


Hi! I’m Sam, and this is The IT Knitter Blog!

You can find me on Ravelry HERE and Instagram as @theitknitter.

About Me: I do a lot of crafty things, and especially love to knit. 749 more words


Sunday tease

I’m currently knitting this out of 100% multiple handspun yarns. I’m loving it ❤💛💜❤ It’s a simple pattern that allows for an intuitive colour play with yarn. 8 more words

Sensory Processing

In Spinning

It’s no secret my desire to spin wanes in the winter for whatever reason. Perhaps it’s the cold weather and wanting to knit/wear handknits? I really couldn’t say. 753 more words

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