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It's Goldilocks time

My little rust fabric squares have been done for a while and sitting in a little stack waiting for some more attention. Because of the colors in the variegated floss I used, I was pretty sure of the background colors I wanted to use, but not exactly the size and placement of the pieces. 141 more words


Bored and lazy...sigh...

Boredom is, of course, a reflection of a lazy mind. And my brain is very lazy today. It’s a too hot summer day—I’d much rather be sitting outside on a normal hot summer day than in the air conditioning–and my energy level is near zero. 179 more words


Bringing the Light

The summer solstice seemed like a fortuitous start for these camp lanterns.  A bit down and dirty, I made them so we would have a more period option than head lamps and flashlights this year.  89 more words



My new handwork interest is making dolls. It’s so gratifying to make a beautiful doll with your hands that your child loves. This was an area that used to totally overwhelm me and I thought there was no way i could ever manage learning it. 251 more words

Waldorf Homeschooling

Nothing planned...

Originally this was a week with nothing planned. It’s summer and we have our grandson on Tuesdays and Fridays so if we make a plan it revolves around that. 142 more words

Art Quilts

A life of it's own

Projects in my house often take on a life of their own. They dictate to me what they need and in which direction they need to go. 194 more words


Handwork loose ends

I love handwork. I love making things with my hands. I love the process and the product. Through mostly the process, as the product isn’t always what I was envisioning. 203 more words