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HANDWORK A work in Progress

This is a quick update to let you know where we’re at.   The announcement of this magazine has sparked a lot of excitement amongst our craftsman worldwide, we have gained several contributing authors, among them are Brian Holcombe, Joshua Stevens aka Mr.Chickadee, Bob Rozaieski from the Logan Cabinet Shoppe, Bob has written several articles for various woodworking magazines, one of them being finewoodworking.   416 more words

To Read or Not to Read?

There are (it has often been said) two kinds of people.

In this particular instance, there is the kind of person who loves reading up on their hobbies and interests, and there is the kind of person for whom this is a dreadful waste of good hobbying time (unless they are searching for specific information).

Which kind are you?

Deborah Makarios

Alibaba's Encounter with Church Event Organisers.

Let me tell you a very interesting story.

November last year, this Egbon calls me on behalf of his church harvest committee. Usually, for church activities, what is expected as honorarium is usually unexpected. 330 more words


HERITAGE: Weekly Photo Challenge


Ben H at WordPress says “This week, share a photo of something that says “heritage” to you. It can be from your own family or culture — a library, a work of public art, a place of worship, an object passed down to you from previous generations.” 83 more words


Not much sewing

My hubby and I joined the 21st Century the other day and got new smart phones. There IS a learning curve, from a simple cell phone to this little computer that also makes calls! 90 more words


Hook Away

Many tatting shuttles have hooks and posts. Some people ‘neuter’ their shuttles by cutting off the post. The post was originally intended to hold the bobbin while winding the thread, but on the cheap plastic shuttles it is too large, and so quite useless. 199 more words