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Pick-up Stick patterns

Pick up sticks are a great way to add real magic to plain weave and make the weaving look more complicated than it is.  This lovely wool dress has bands of pattern created by using a contrasting weft with the pick up stick liftings. 13 more words

Custom Chenille vest

A new visitor to my studio on Open Studio weekend, spied the woven chenille and commissioned me to make this vest.

Wearable Art

Sewing a tunic from fabric handwoven on a vintage Structo Loom

If you are afraid to cut your handwoven fabrics so you can sew them into garments, DON’T BE!!

Raise up those scissors, and start cutting!  I’ve been snipping and sewing some fun new clothes. 1,376 more words

Weaving & Handwoven

Woven shirt for my husband

Over the 30 plus years that my husband, Jim, and I have been together, I have made him a lot of shirts, vests, jackets, pants, and even a parka. 716 more words

Weaving & Handwoven

Small loom weaving in springtime

All the looms in my studio have been full of happy warps.

As well as working oh so hard on a couple of new books (one on potholder loom weaving and one on Lily Speed-O-Weave looms) as well as designing for magazines, I have been weaving up a storm. 716 more words

Weaving & Handwoven

Clasped weft weaving for handwoven Gypsy Jacket

People kept asking me how many hours it took to weave my first “Gypsy Jacket”. See: First Gypsy Jacket

So, I thought that I would set myself a challenge. 414 more words

Weaving & Handwoven

The China Closet Syndrome

My mother had a morbid way of looking at life.  Basically she didn’t believe that life should be lived at all.  We should all be locked up in china closets she would say to spare us the pain, hurt and humiliation that life has to offer.  676 more words