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Why My Handwriting is Horrid

I was always raised to believe that women should have “nice” handwriting. Men are always going to be sloppy handwriting, and women will always have better handwriting. 583 more words


Methods to Madness

Hi, Hey, Hello!

So I started trying something new this week. That something being that I have started to handwrite my blog posts up.

This is for a couple of reasons. 518 more words


what we're learning wednesday, episode 7

This week the boys have been practicing writing numbers and letters on their own!

Rondel has always struggled a bit with fine motor skills, but recently he has been developing a lot more control and finesse, so he’s been starting to show more interest in actually writing things himself; he has a tendency to flip letters and numbers around when writing and reading, and left-to-right directionality doesn’t come naturally, but his writing is getting noticeably better the more he does it. 366 more words


Penmanship (a lefty's perspective)

There’s something about physically forming words by hand. When the flow is right and the loops and lines seem to fall perfectly in place I feel rewarded by a sense of productivity. 647 more words


handwriting is a creative way of expressing yourself.  It could come from a little story you remembered in your childhood or a happy day in your childhood when the sun shined warm and you got to play outside.   52 more words



All through my childhood

You sang.

From the pulpit

From the kitchen

From the car

In the background of my memory

I remember the words passing over me… 59 more words

{Windmills Of The Mind}