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Hello Sailor!

I really enjoyed testing these!

Black – is proper writing ink black and doesn’t react well with water nor bleach which indicates that there is a degree of waterproofing and forgery resistance. 54 more words

Alphabet Videos

Reviewing the letters of the alphabet can be an uneventful and monotonous task in first grade, where most of the students have already been exposed to every letter and letter sound in previous years of schooling. 371 more words


The handwritten ‘gelati’ reminds me of how writing looked when we used to use squeakers for mocking up design concepts. I was never particularly adept with the squeakers—I much preferred (and was better at) sizing headline type. 82 more words


These Days | Bangalore

There is always something getting lost
and in their places somethings getting found,
like sometimes I magically inherit my mother’s handwriting
and other times I try to find my own. 140 more words


Handwritten letters

There are wonderful little things that, unfortunately, are likely to disappear with time. Among them, handwriting letters.

It could be a love letter, a greeting card (after all, Christmas is coming), a party invitation or anything else, but what is sure is that handwritten letters are something beautiful that should not be forgotten. 142 more words

Style Behind

The Power of Wonder...

There may be things you want in life but not getting… You may have tried affirmations but feel they just don’t sound right…

What I find works best when there’s a resistance is: WONDER… … 124 more words