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Penmanship 7/23/2017

So I bought some new nibs to try out, the Zebra G, 10 nibs for 9 bucks. Wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I’m really happy with them. 281 more words


Stuff for the children to get on with during the summer holidays

We’re now one week into the summer holidays.  And it’s going okay so far.  We don’t have any visitors this week but some are coming (with their children) next weekend.   300 more words

Isle Of Wight

Why use a pen, When you can print.

Why most of the Indian doctor’s handwriting looks like noodles in a bowl? Is it because they are not good at remembering the mammoth sized medical terms? 371 more words

896 Fountain Pen Ink Samples En Masse

Ever wondered what 896 Fountain Pen Ink Samples look like en masse? Here you go and there are no duplicates!

Just to say – the Krishna Inks test swatches are now done and will be posted tomorrow… and they’re very very lovely, indeed. 130 more words

These Pen Skills Are Mesmerizing

In handwriting, most of us just aim for legible. It’s not like third grade when you practice perfect penmanship. You know when your grade depends on it. 59 more words


Sleeping with a notebook nearby is a great for jotting down late night ideas. Until you check it the next morning and find your drowsy, in the dark handwriting to be nearly illegible.


From Mum's Old Recipe Book: Mystery Sister Tea Brack

I’ve called it that because it’s in one of the sisters’ handwriting but I can’t decide which. They both went through a cramped, backward-slanting gothic phase, as in fact did Mum (she was briefly learning calligraphy from a retired drama-school headmistress who lived down the road). 194 more words