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Working on our books of rules

Hello 2RB friends,

The girls have been working really hard on their books of rules, they are looking good!

Today we have been talking and writing about two rules: following the timetable and following instructions. 30 more words


National Champ in 2nd Class !

Some wonderful news filtered through this morning that a girl in our class is a national champ in handwriting! We are delighted for her and can’t wait to hear all about the prize giving in  the GPO in a couple of weeks time.

Second Class

April - Week 4 Spread

Stuck with clean lines and subtle details this week. Unfortunately, clean isn’t my forte. Mistakes were made.

It is National Poetry Month for ten more days! 42 more words


Why do most adults still have poor handwriting? Because their Kindergarten teachers never learned The Teacher's Alphabet.

Don’t Let Your Handwriting Teaching Materials Fail Your First-Time Handwriting Students! The biggest problem people have with learning to print is that handwriting teachers don’t have the time or the curriculum to teach students how to make their le…


Blessing and letting go…is freedom.

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QuoTe’ handwritten soul inspiration


Pointing the Finger*

The postmodern pencil grip
Sees me wince with discomfort
As though to simply hand-write
Is a Herculean effort…
The way young hands and fingers contort… 183 more words

Pen review: Pilot Dr. Grip Center of Gravity

I’ve actually never wrote a pen review before. Back when I published a print pen pal newsletter, one subscriber wrote pen reviews on occasion. I’ve always used cheap ballpoint or freebie pens, but about 4 years ago I decided I wanted a “nice” pen. 340 more words

Pen Review