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Below are scans of the handwritten draft of this essay with editing marks.


The Handwriting on the Wall

If you know what this is, you most likely grew up learning the Palmer Penmanship method of handwriting.

The sight of these drills may still haunt you. 164 more words


Five Things About Me That May Surprise You

Here are five things that may surprise you about me.

1. My favourite subject subject at school was maths. Why? Because it was black and white. 222 more words


Untitled poem

I missed a poem yesterday, but I’ve done multiple poems on previous days this month, so I don’t feel too bad about it. I’ve written a bit in my notebook today, so I thought I’d take a photo of a poem in there (and hopefully you can read my writing).


PhD update

The PhD is progressing quite quickly now and the work to date has covered:

  • transcribing one Middle English Manuscript
  • translating one Anglo-Norman poem for three separate audiences…
  • 178 more words


Thankyou note from Prasanna Puwanarajah; the design is based on the name of the play ‘Dara’, with the ‘Da’ cut and pasted to create ‘Rada’ (the acting school).