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Confucius Quote

Ink and paper then digitized with Illustrator.


Like buses and train delays

Last week sped by and at the end of the week I had problems uploading photos so you could see what the children had been up to. 324 more words

Parent Information

Roy Moore – some comments about handwriting authenticity

Roy Moore and his possible handwriting have been in the news.

It has been suggested that his alleged handwriting should be analyzed. That would certainly be done if this was in a court of law. 452 more words

Gifts and Thanks.

The other day, my co-worker and I were talking about the beauty of thank you notes. I told her I was raised to write a thank you note every time, for every gift, and that I still do it to this day. 884 more words


Best Way Out

Speedball holder, Nikko G Nib and Sumi ink on Rhodia Dotpad.


Rule # 1 : No more "ruled" papers

I have been hearing Louise L Hay’s talks for 12 years now. In one of her tapes she mentions that after being inspired by Vimala Rogers’ book “your handwriting can change your life” she changed her handwriting completely, at the age of 70. 422 more words