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The bank manager

I have always had difficulty reproducing my signature. Sometimes, this can create problems.

It was a warm day, lunchtime, in Spring 1982 when I walked to the local branch of my bank in the village, where I had just begun practising dentistry in north Kent. 347 more words

The (Handi)Craft of Writing

Hello, dear folks of WordPress. I hope mid-November finds you well.

I have not, in fact, crawled under a rock, run away with the circus, or joined the witness protection program (as my recent radio silence might have suggested). 839 more words


Local Bureaucrat Glossary: Historical Institutionalism

Glossary of social science words: Historical Institutionalism

History has shaped us to what we are today. However, our analysis of current issues often forgets the history aspect when explaining problems or finding solutions for them since the current context is usually overwhelming. 306 more words


Facing Ereshkigal

Teaching my compost course, one of the points I make a lot is, how much can be got from how little. E.g., from this scrap… 319 more words



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