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Some great ideas for school OTs

Superstar Sources for School OTs with info about Keyboarding and handwriting speed rates and other important resources.


Assistive Technology

First SignWriting Lesson

I started this week by opening up my new SignWriting Basics manual that came in the box. As I got farther into it I came to the conclusion that it’s really more of a reference than a lesson manual. 173 more words

Digital Inspiration: Search your Handwritten Notes with Gmail OCR

Digital Inspiration: Search your Handwritten Notes with Gmail OCR. “Gmail text search has always been very capable but some might not know that Gmail, like Evernote, also performs OCR on images contained in email messages. 51 more words


Platignum Petite Fountain Pens 1950/60s

Clearly a couple of pens for the ladies. There were a number of different pens from Platignum using the Petite name. The top pen in the photograph is the 1960’s model although they were still around long after that. 744 more words


How To Not Be Overly Organized

Is it possible to be too organized? Physics offers us an answer: it explains that the polhode rolls without slipping over the herpolhode. This sounds dirty. 723 more words



While on a recent family vacation, I rediscovered the joys of writing in my personal journal. I had been given the lovely book by a friend years ago and had made entries into it very sporadically over the years. 470 more words

Stepping up the pen game

I have written about crayons, and how I loved having all the many colors. Then there came the thrill of finding something new when I strolled through the pen isle of the big discount/box stores.  445 more words