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Aurora, Cross and Omas ink tests

Both Aurora and Cross offer Black and Blue fountain pen inks. These are both excellent handwriting inks and work well most fountain pens. But they are not creative. 174 more words

YES! You can change your personality through your Handwriting!

Many people ask if there is a way to change their personality by changing their handwriting – Yes it can be done through the science of Graphotherapy. 274 more words


Tag: The Handwriting Tag

Today’s blog post is a little different I suppose, but it seemed like a bit of fun! I saw Lia do this tag on her blog… 215 more words



When you’re young, around the age of starting kindergarten, you learn how to print the alphabet and numbers using long, fat pencils with big erasers designed for smaller hands to grasp, a beginners tool. 289 more words

Handwriting Tag

Izzy from Thinking and Inking  tagged me for this handwriting challenge.  I laughed when I discovered this tag because now you’ll all get to see how bad my script is.   123 more words

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Lots More Letter Writing!

In a world that is becoming so paperless, it is important to take time out to write.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I beam with excitement whenever something comes through the post with my name on it. 376 more words

The Handwriting Tag

 Hi! Today I’ll be doing the handwriting tag. I was nominated by WordedInk for this — check her out. My handwriting is pretty terrible but here you go. 169 more words