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Going Paperless

I could never go completely paperless. I am a stationery addict and always have been. I don’t write as many letters as I used to, but I do still like to write occasionally, instead of an email or text. 178 more words


Curriculum Review: Abeka Language

I have experience with Abeka as a student and as a teacher. Attending a Christian private school, Abeka was used as our Language Arts curriculum from Kindergarten through high school. 639 more words

Curriculum Reviews

Apple Pencil

Until recently Apple Pencil was a topic of interest only to serious art and design people using the iPad Pro, but now the standard (new) iPad can use the pencil. 388 more words

Publishing And Writing

Contest #8: Cursive is Cool

It’s a cursive handwriting contest!

I stumbled upon this cursive contest online a few days ago sponsored by Campaign for Cursive (C4C).  This organization is a committee of the American Handwriting Analysis Foundation (AHAF) and is an all-volunteer non-profit that began in 2012 in the Southern California chapter of the AHAF. 348 more words

Middle School

Is Automaticity The Key To Handwriting Success?

I know that this is a bold statement.  Handwriting is a complex skill, with visual-motor coordination, perceptual, cognitive and postural components.  But when I evaluate a child’s writing, and I watch them having to think about where to start and sequence movements to form a letter and place it on a line, and then decide how far apart the letters and words should be, it makes me think that the lack of automaticity is often a child’s biggest hurdle.   541 more words

Five Reasons I Teach Cursive

Beyond giving students a competitive edge, here are some other impossible-to-ignore reasons.

Two days ago, my post focused on this reason to teach cursive: to make sure that kids in public school are competitive with kids in private schools and around the world, where cursive writing is taught and practiced regularly. 606 more words