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Writing Right - Graphology

It was an eye opener taking a course in handwriting analysis and learning that it is not the hand that writes but the brain. Studying with Dr. 131 more words


Ready to #RockYourHandwriting this October?

Welcome to the October #RockYourHandwriting Challenge! We love that there are so many other folks who wanted a reason to set aside time every day to practice their handwriting.   385 more words


Handwriting 101

So in my Business class I met this guy that was just amazing. He is so cute with a very thick Boston accent (sounding like Mark Wahlberg). 525 more words


I write therefore I am

Like many people I was never good at writing by hand and would say “oh it’s really too hard for me” or “what’s the point of it when you can just type everything?” Was always glad whenever I get to type up an essay instead of handwritten. 687 more words

library of white books — 1

The lab(yrinth) of myth(opoesis) — behind the scenes, inside books, beyond the L-space…

Golden Core, Sorgente Quinta, 2014

Ex Infantés, Sorgente Quinta, 2014… 235 more words


Slowing Down with Handwriting

As I read War and Peace, and other books like Pride and Prejudice and Frankenstein, I can’t help but get lost in a romantic fantasy over all the letters being written to and from the characters. 273 more words

...of handwriting, articling, & 'fools'...

As the honouree of the google doodle today gets remembered for his invention of the ballpoint pen, the folks at Clichy, France’s disposable lighters, razors, and pens company Bic might quip–may it be a… 243 more words