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University of Rochester: Seward Family Digital Archive project tops $1 million in grant money

University of Rochester: Seward Family Digital Archive project tops $1 million in grant money. “The project, a collaboration between the University’s Department of History, the River Campus Libraries’ department of Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation, and the Digital Scholarship Lab, brings together students in the humanities and computer science, residents of retirement communities, and retired volunteers from the greater Rochester area to help transcribe the thousands of Seward family letters, all written in Victorian-era cursive handwriting.”

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On certainty

A clock somewhere is ticking. But it’s being dragged. I feel like Sisyphus, but I’m not carrying a boulder up the hill. I am carrying time. 177 more words


It really is a graphite writing stick!

Here is an admittedly low-quality screen grab of the moment in Blake’s 7 when Tarrant is handed a pencil and utters the immortal line “A graphite writing stick. 123 more words

Blakes 7

Blog Challenge Day Eleven: A picture of my handwriting.

Yes, I’m one of those archaic twenty-year-olds that knows how to write (and occasionally uses) cursive, especially when I’m ‘free writing’ and I just want my ideas to flow. 166 more words


The Best Type of Paper for Teaching Handwriting

Just as the writing tool used by children changes as they develop, so does the paper they write on.

Informal Pre-handwriting Pattern and Initial Letter Development… 627 more words


Turning math word problems into equations | 10.10.18

Today for a little extra fun, I introduced math word problems to Atlas and Sydney, and (with help) had them turn them into math subtraction equations (we have been doing a lot of addition so I thought we’d swap it out). 158 more words