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Christine Please Help-Shirts!

Confident Christine filled a request for uniform tops. Thanks Amazon for getting the shirts here on time since school starts today for those students!


Christine Please Help-Socks!

Confident Christine received her second request for help on 7/17/17. An organization needs socks for their back to school drive. Christine came to their rescue. Email christinepleasehelp@gmail.com. 8 more words

Practical Marriage 

Everyone loves gifts. Especially gifts from their spouse. Nothing is better than a non holiday or birthday “I was just thinking about you” present. At the beginning of our relationship one gift I enjoyed receiving from my husband was lingerie. 387 more words


The sole reason why colored socks are my achilles heel


A how to guide to avoid the drawer of conformity

Hypothetical Situation: I’m sitting in class. The teacher just put up a complicated math problem. 406 more words


Obsession: My favorite tshirt 

Ever find something you love and buy it in every color? Well my favorite shirt is kind of like that, except it automatically comes in bulk. 255 more words

40 Years from Now

Shot of a vibrant green golf course, panning slowly to show a sand trap, trees lining the fairway, and finally in the distance we see a man, an old man hunched over with age, walking gingerly up to the tee. 172 more words