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The Hang Drum - Made in Switzerland

I came across these street-musicians in Gamla Stån, Stockholm (Sweden), some time ago. Since then, I have come to enjoy the sound of the hang drum very much. 24 more words


Healing Music

Music has always been a quintessential part of my journey… I’m always on a quest for exquisite musical experiences and when I find any, I love to share it as such Music can trigger such lightness of being while it nurtures our spiritual centers~

Spiritual Art

Old and Rare Instruments Make a Comeback in Modern Music

Eager to create fresh sounds and unique compositions, musicians are turning to old or rarely used instruments to add breadth to their live shows and recordings. 647 more words


Last Poem - The Hang, Shehnai & Intelligent Sounds

This concert happened a while ago and now I doubt whether I should write about it – however perhaps its better late than never and luckily I did end up making some notes in my diary so I do have some thoughts from the day itself recorded! 363 more words


Hanging out with Hang Massive

Remember when I said I was on a quest to break free from mainstream music and search for great music and artists that have not reached our shores yet? 742 more words