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Quiz: What New Activity Should You Try?

Walt Disney once said, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” And I personally love doing just that. 602 more words

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Urban Hitchhike ...Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding

Me and the hubby decided to take a road-trip for Easter weekend. We packed our camping bags and drove to no other place but Lookout Mountain located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. 450 more words

Hannah Booker

Tandem Hang-Gliding Incident

Photo by Anton Darius | @theSollers on Unsplash

An anniversary gift, her first time doing it
Lenami Godinez-Avila, 27, hugged the pilot
from behind as instructed, ran with him… 207 more words

Look Around, Look Around

After telling a story to my undergraduate arts entrepreneurship seminar yesterday, one student said, “that would make a good blog post.” So….here it is.

First, the set-up: One of several objectives for this course is to help students increase their capacity to recognize opportunities, especially opportunities for creative action. 315 more words

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First-day hang gliding lesson and the "fear of heights"

 Recently, after talking to a student on his first hang gliding lesson, I realized that people are discouraged to try this beautiful art of free flight because of misleading fears. 529 more words

Hang Gliding

What about my hang gliding gear?

 You took a couple hang gliding lessons, and you fell in love with the sport. Great! You are ready for the next step which is buying your equipment. 462 more words

Hang Gliding

At this point, I was craving since I still didn’t fly in 2018. Two weeks in the new year and no air time. I had to change that. 375 more words

Hang Gliding