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Mom-To-Be Be a Mom, Indeed

I have not forgot. In fact, I am looking forward to picking up the novella where I left off. After all, we are so close to the finish anyway. 148 more words


Hang in there baby

She held on tight while everything combusted. She knew all endings become beginnings. She decided to enjoy the ride with the knowing that presence is happiness.

My Poetry

I'll Catch The Sun: Confessions of a Rod McKuen Reader

The poet Rod McKuen was dismissed by literary critics as shlocky, a hack, the “King of Kitsch.” Even in the hippy-dippy 60s haze, those words could seriously harsh a guy’s mellow. 400 more words


WWW - what I want to happen

I’ve been going on a walk every day for the past four days; yesterday’s walk was 50 minutes, and the other three days (including today) I spent 80 minutes ambulating. 2,305 more words


I am that kitten clinging to that branch in that inspirational photo that must be thirty years old.

As you can see, I have been terrifically successful in keeping up with the subject of my last post. I would chalk that up to uncertainties in the workplace which would make grad school a “cut my wrists the right way” experience; but that would be less than truthful. 712 more words


Day #362: I'd Rather...

The Story:

I’d rather look at ugly faces…

Change my name or talk about cereal.

I’d rather drive across town to deliver pants

Or prick my finger with tiny needles over and over. 212 more words

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