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Hang it (2015 WC)

During this class you will turn a piece of mat board into a clever place to hang your jewelry. You will also learn vinyl weeding and transfer. 16 more words


Hang It

During this class we will make a smart place to hang the jewelry you’re just to tired to put in the safe after dinner and the show. 13 more words


Strangest things we've framed

There are many strange things that people have asked us to frame but I think the strangest one so far is a single chest hair. But the list is quite broad and includes surgical plates removed after broken legs have healed, pieces of shrapnel etc..


Support the Pet Project through Bark at Art Event

I’ll be a vendor at this event’s opening reception on Aug. 19 and will donate double my usual amount per book sale ($4 instead of $2) to the Pet Project. 285 more words