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Hang in there

Ola my lovelies! :)

Today Ladyhawk finally got time for herself. After ages. :)

I’ve been so busy…been caught up with work and personal obligations…with little time for what I love doing the most in this world. 466 more words

Its Personal


Alive and LIMPING!

I went to the park with my grandchildren last Tuesday and my beautiful granddaughter said can you do that Nana? (Pointing at the flying fox)…and I said SURE! 160 more words

Personal Awarenesses


I want to photograph.
I want to photograph something.
I want to photograph something beautiful.
I want to photograph something memorable, notable.
I want to photograph something that will open eyes, change hearts, mean something. 304 more words

Life In General

Why I Write.

I write because sometimes it’s just too complicated to tell everything to anyone. I write because in my darkest days, I do not even feel like seeing anyone–let alone talking to them. 576 more words


...but will you be remembered?

continuation of You will be missed.

Scarier than the fact that she committed suicide is the fact that she was so easily forgotten.

It was on Friday–the 27th–that she died, and we learnt about it on Monday–the 30th. 223 more words


You will be missed.

I wasn’t really planning on publishing any more posts for some time now. Our results came out the other day, and while my marks weren’t exactly bad, they weren’t exactly good either, so we–that is, my teachers, my mother, and I–felt it would be prudent if I kept away from social media for some time. 556 more words