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Celebrate That! Part Two

Have you ever had a hard time getting out of bed?  Maybe there has been a moment in time when you wanted to take a long nap and not wake up for a day or three? 620 more words


arriba aquí

Take a breath.
Then another.
Repeat. One step at a time.
Your pace.
A unique, unforgettable stride.

Everything could change today.
Or one tiny, vital thing. 28 more words


It's Going To Be Ok

Wherever you are in this journey.
It’s going to be okay.
I promise you.

I wish I could show you in a way that feels visceral, tangible, something you could hold and hug in your darkest moments when your demons are coming for blood, that things are going to be okay. 185 more words

Cling to Life

Still clinging to life

One tiny leaf holds on

Never give up hope

Though all those about you may fall

Hang tight to the *Branch of life… 7 more words


The Place of In Between

Saturday.  Friday had happened and they saw the One whom they had based everything on, left their lives for believing He was Messiah…tortured, nails drive through His hands and feet, hung on a cross and take His last breath.  392 more words