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Hang in there

Is there anything more difficult?

Showing up day after day, week after week, sometimes for years, as your movement slowly gains steam, as your organization hits speed bumps, as the news goes from bad to worse… 80 more words


Quotes 5/7/17

The week is an amazing thing!! Have a great Sunday!!

Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.

George S. Patton

A Quote A Day

Story a Day: Day 5 - "Friendly Warning"

I took my insulated cup of coffee and headed down the hallway to my office. That was probably being generous. It was meant to be a nursery, right off the master bedroom. 808 more words


Story a Day: Day 3 - "The Plan"

I’m skipping today’s prompt again. Ian and Aidan are still being demanding. And there was some curiosity about what happened after Monday’s story, so I figured I could offer you some of that. 1,181 more words


Story a Day: Day 2 - Ian

Today’s prompt wasn’t bringing anything to mind for me, so instead I decided to write a little bit from one of yesterday’s characters. Everything else I’ve written for them has been from Aidan’s POV, so I decided to do a little something from Ian’s. 784 more words


Story a Day: Day 1 - "The Dead Friend"

I pulled into the driveway but wasn’t ready to go back into the house yet. Not with so many memories still fresh in my mind. Too many that I had made with Ian in that house. 930 more words