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Going into battle with the pithy phrase

Don’t get me wrong, my parents did a fantastic job of raising me and my siblings. But now that I’m trying to make it the world of writing, they have a lot to answer for. 407 more words


"Lessons Learned" September Challenge Day 6!

Hello Happy Tuesday everyone! Guess what?! Something exciting happened today…

I was able to take off my boot and put my other sneaker on and spent the whole day in my sneaker including walking home and so far no pain! 574 more words


Behind the walls

I sat in a dimly lit room with a handful of other women. Our group had discussed a chapter from the book “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. 1,934 more words

Something Small, 7/9/16.

  • Several years ago, I was in an office of a career counselor. They saw that I had an English degree. The person asked me why I didn’t use it.
  • 685 more words

A Single Introverted Man’s Journey, 6/29/16.

I thought I saw a ghost. I did, actually, in the form of an unsuccessful opportunity. Well, more than one. About a month ago, I was starting my morning shift at work, when a young woman was approaching our restaurant, asking about her card she misplaced. 749 more words


I really could care less

The things people think I should be caring about never cease to amaze me. things like a long healthy life there are people that should care about that, but that’s for people with people to be responsible for and that’s not me.  151 more words

My tits are off the menu

Since the surgery I have tried to come to terms with different levels of pain, what I now physically can and can’t do, and how I look ( 228 more words

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