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If life doesn't give us stress, we create it

First thing I thought about upon entering the house after dropping my daughter this morning was getting back to a blog I had commented on and deleting everything. 520 more words

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IRS Cutbacks Resulted In 8 Million Hang Ups On Callers This Tax Season

WASHINGTON (CBS/AP) — The IRS’ overloaded phone system hung up on more than 8 million taxpayers this filing season as the agency cut millions of dollars from taxpayer services. 238 more words


Just fluff

Drove to Sam’s Club to buy just enough to get through a couple of days – put food away, started some yeast to make pizza later, then ate leftovers from last night just to know I’ve eaten.   208 more words

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Maybe I'll blame the full moon - daughter says it should turn red this weekend


Would you believe I’ve been on Facebook so often these past few days that I’m afraid to check in again because they’ll know I have no life?!   513 more words

Checking In

April 1, 2015


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What am I doing?

I’m hiding/escaping again.  Did fine typing reports and filing for the architect, then stopped at Sam’s club for taco makings.  Came home and watched NCIS… 371 more words

All Over The Place

Chip on My Pretty Little Shoulder

I’m going to attempt to write this without any hesitation. No emotional edits. No disclaimers. I’m going to attempt to write it, really, with all my unfiltered thoughts and feelings pouring onto the page. 665 more words