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I'm Sick of a Bullshit World

Excuse my language. I don’t often speak like this. Nor am I what they call a “hater”. But right now, I’m overcome with annoyance and irritability of this bullshit world and it goes without saying that what makes it bullshit is the people within it, myself included at times – because we’re ridiculously, flawed and fragile human beings. 1,413 more words

38.9 Seconds Later

The numbers on the sheet were disappointing.

I had, in fact, improved my health. Everything, except for stress, was at ideal levels. Even my blood pressure had improved. 109 more words


The body issue

We’ve made it quite a while without ever discussing an inevitable subject when it comes to women and dating: body issues. Now, you can sit there and give me all the platitudes, like “you have to love yourself” and “I don’t care how I look – it’s what’s on the inside that matters”, etc. 239 more words




I surrender
I surrender
I surrender
All my pressures
All my desires
All my inclinations
All my hang ups
All my decisions
All my successes… 27 more words

Midday in Classics

I want to get lost in a book.

No. I mean a good book.

The kind that makes you come up for air to you realize two hours have passed and you’ve been breathing something foreign to your everyday world. 165 more words


Valet my heart

You probably know by now that my heart is not available for lease – neither short- nor long-term (Don’t fool yourself). I didn’t know until recently, however, that this could be a good thing. 219 more words