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Performance Anxiety?

If this internet-journaling stint turns out to be short-lived again it will be, in large part, due to the sour, pit-of-stomach drop, “Now-how-could-I-have-had-anything-to-say?!”  sensation at each clean “new post” page.  378 more words



What is your biggest hang-up?

For some it’s their body, for others it’s social interaction. Maybe you have bedroom hang-ups, or food hang-ups. I’m sure we are all aware of something that we just can’t quite get over. 626 more words

The "Big Nose" Insanity That Is Overtaking "Selfies"

Selfie taking is causing some real emotional hang-ups for some people!

Americans are easily preoccupied and one of the most prevalent preoccupations of Americans today is the very popular but (In my opinion) somewhat vain practice of taking endless pictures of ones’ self dubbed ….. 202 more words

Random Thoughts

Falling Into The Hands Of God

This can be frightening. At least it is for those like me that have hang ups when it comes to God. You know,that brainwashing BS. Let’s not go into that again. 173 more words

Wrong Number!

As a young man, I never used to like the telephone!  Oh, I knew it was a wonderful invention, a labour-saving tool, and a life-saver in time of emergency.  934 more words

Funny, Eh?

Hang Ups and Loving Yourself

We all have too many hang ups. Speaking for myself, I’d say so at least. Or at least as I sit here after my 15th chemo and cold capping, this seems to be true.  905 more words

Body Hang Ups

I’ve posted about my feelings towards my weight and right now it doesn’t seem to be changing. My best friend is getting married this year and I have been blessed with the honour of being a bridesmaid. 376 more words

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