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April 1, 2015


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What am I doing?

I’m hiding/escaping again.  Did fine typing reports and filing for the architect, then stopped at Sam’s club for taco makings.  Came home and watched NCIS… 371 more words

All Over The Place

Chip on My Pretty Little Shoulder

I’m going to attempt to write this without any hesitation. No emotional edits. No disclaimers. I’m going to attempt to write it, really, with all my unfiltered thoughts and feelings pouring onto the page. 665 more words


The Blind Side

{“I found myself ostracized on the one hand by black classmates who still thought I wanted to be white, and increasingly the target of disdain from my white counterparts, who liked me all right – mostly because as more than one told me, “you aren’t like other black people” 1,027 more words



I wanted the white one. With the bright pink lettering. It was the one that drew me to the display. But, of course, it was the smaller one. 70 more words


Designer Senses be Damned

Last weekend, I picked up my parents at the airport to move them into their new house. Insert dramatic sigh of relief.

This move has been 10 years in the making. 373 more words


Broken Walls

pic courtesy of bing / torange.us

In the ancient world, city walls were pretty important. Your walls provided protection from outsiders. If your walls were weak or broken, anyone might attack you at will. 177 more words