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Social (Anxiety) Media

I’ll be the first to admit I’m really terrible at all forms of social media. I resisted most of it for a long time, relenting to Facebook a few years ago which I update and check occasionally. 587 more words

General Ramblings

Enjoyment: The bottom line

All Life experiences will move through a range “full to empty or empty to full” (- It is just a way to describe) which the conditioned mind is not able to grasp. 676 more words


Awkward Online First Dates

The first date when you’re online dating can be a bit awkward, can’t it?

I don’t know about you, but I felt that way, sipping a… 470 more words

Mental Health

The Quiet Chemist

Where I found him: Bumble (first)

Date number: 1

What we did: Impromptu day drinks and tacos.

Feelings going in: Lots of curiosity. 662 more words


The Reformer and the Believer 

​Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Renamed after his father studied the work of Martin Luther in Germany.

Skipped two grades to start Morehouse College at 15 years old. 174 more words


But first, some backstory...

The other day, I told my friend I was a freak of nature. At 34 years old, I’ve never reallllly dated. I’ve got two ex boyfriends and a smattering of first (and sometimes second) dates under my belt, but I’ve never been a dater. 872 more words


The mirror of “truth.”

AWARENESS is not something to practice. It is something to be aware of…
How to make sense of that sentence? We heard so much about being AWARE, but all we have are beliefs, interpretations, concepts, information of what that is thus, useless stuff for self-realization. 541 more words