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the hanged man

Blow me a kiss
and demonstrate which of the four
you’ve chosen
I’ll bide until this rope stops turning
faithless lover
but what you stole I minded most… 40 more words

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Pairing Tarot Cards By Using Astrology

Over a century ago, there was this group of mystics in England who called themselves the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (often shorthanded by us modern types into just the “Golden Dawn” or even the “GD”). 1,293 more words

COTD 07.11.16:All sides...

07.11.16 – Today’s COTD are XII The Hanging Man and 3 of Wands

In order to deal with what is coming into your life, you may  have to start looking at things from a different viewpoint. 73 more words



I believe we all have intuition, but sometimes life drowns it.  With demands and distractions.

Lets go deep into you to let your intuition out.  Like a dog out of a daycrate, let’s have you shake off the tension and stretttttttccccchhhh.   35 more words

3 Of Pentacles

Hanged Man

You may need to hang out for a while; changed or progress isn’t likely.

This can show a sabbatical or period of study.


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The extended arms of Baphomet form the symbol of Solve et Coagula. Solve et Coagula is a charge to disassemble and reassemble. I chose to take this very literally and dismantled the symbols within the figure, discarded what I felt were superfluous, combined what I thought could be said more succinctly and reassembled what was left in a personally refined symbol. 785 more words


Daily Draw 15-10-2016

The Hanged Man speaks of today being about sacrifice, and surrendering your energy to others which can make you feel restrained, patience is needed today. 78 more words

Tarot Alchemist