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Card of the Day - The Hanged Man - Sunday, September 11, 2016

How is the final square between Saturn and Neptune treating you? Truly everyone seems to be in need of a new perspective regarding something. The time has come to stop sacrificing for the greater good. 350 more words


Card of the Day - The Hanged Man - Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hanging around… Now I have a really old song stuck in my head. I know you want to go, go, go, but you are likely feeling stalled and would like to be freed from this position. 358 more words


The Spellslinger Cometh

The terrain quickly shifted from green grass to patches of yellow grass to flat, trampled dirt as I approached the path leading to the camp entrance. 594 more words


Journey into Crowley's Death

This is one of Crowley’s strangest cards. Unlike in the RWS or Marseille decks, here the skeleton turns his back towards us, and he wears the crown of Osiris, the Egyptian god of Death and Afterlife. 862 more words


The Hanged Man - Surrender if you Dare!

One of the most powerful illusions that grips our collective psyche is the illusion of control. The hanged man appears as a reminder that it is time to surrender to the greater forces of nature/God/the Universe. 371 more words


Card of the Day: The Hanged Woman

Today’s card is the Hanged Woman from the Manga Tarot.

This card is more often named the Hanged Man, but you lovely readers already know that I like when a deck takes a different perspective on gender and sexuality.   424 more words

Card Of The Day

The Hanged Man: Perspectives on Pain

One of my favorite cards – The Hanged Man – came up in a client reading yesterday. It led to a really interesting discussion about suffering. 105 more words