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Some leftover Halloween fun for Friday the 13th. (Animated gif: click thru, Facebook-readers!)


Card of the Day - The Hanged Man - Friday, November 6, 2015

Hmmmm…what’s going on today? Do you feel as though you have been hung out to dry? Or are you doing this to someone else? Either way, it is not a good thing. 308 more words


Penny Dreadful: Ode to Sembene

Sembene: You are required.

Victor Frankenstein: Let me fetch my bag.

Sembene: You will not need it.

Victor Frankenstein: What will I need?

Sembene: Courage. 86 more words

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My Tarot Year

I’m not a particularly superstitious person. I find astrology interesting, and I have noticed that the birthdays of most of my good friends tend to be clustered in certain specific times of the year, but I don’t believe that on any given day, every human on earth has but one of twelve destinies. 436 more words


Card of the Day - The Hanged Man - Thursday, October 1, 2015


Welcome to a new day and a new month! After yesterday, should we be surprised at this card? I think not! Let’s reflect a little today, shall we? 298 more words


The Hanged Man

I woke up to rain on my bedroom window this morning.  I liked that.  It reminded me of a time in my life when I wasn’t quite sure what to do next.   348 more words


The Hanged Man

Today, as I walk slowly up the wooden stairs… a sense of heaviness accompanies me, like a thick velvet cloak…. Cloaking is an apt word, I feel, perhaps the Hanged Man is using a cloaking device, a muffler against the world, to protect him from pain…. 649 more words

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