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The Hanging Man

Here we see a man being suspended from a tree upside down by his ankle. The other at an angle that upon looking at it again makes the number 4 (an expression of the 4 directions). 518 more words

Featured Card of the Day - The Hanged Monster - Monstarot from Joanna Nelson Studio

Artist: Joanna Nelson

Website: JoannaNelsonStudio.com


Sacrifice, new perspective, contemplation

Artist Interpretation

Suspended upside down, the hanging monster waits for an answer from the Universe. Letting his long monster arms dangle freely, he is letting go and allowing for an open mind. 157 more words


The crimes I have committed

To the crimes
that should never have been,
I have done and forgotten,
And taken responsibility
for none,
But they were mine to commit
and I have done so, 32 more words


Supplicant (poem)

Series of 22 Poems Inspired by the Tarot Trumps(#13)

Odin hung from Yggdrasil
Nine days
Sacrificing myself to myself
So that I might become more than I am. 96 more words




It is exactly as the post title says: I just need to fucking write.

This includes blog posts.

I got all tangled up in thinking I have to make everything all perfect and polished and write all these insightful things…. 68 more words

3 Of Pentacles

Bat-tree (On waiting)

The hanged man – a bat – waits for his time.

When the world becomes dim,

and the rest fear the night,

the hanged man will set himself free. 34 more words


TAROT 101: The Hanged Man

KEYWORD:  Sacrifice

The Hanged Man card is about letting go and giving way to the greater goal. The person depicted in the card has chosen their position and is actually more enlightened for it. 472 more words