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"Hanging On" by ARRAS Review

ARRAS is a melodic hardcore band coming out of Denver, Colorado’s local scene. The band consists of Palmer Andrist (Vocalist), Nick Quevedo (Guitarist), Chris Redder (Bassist), & Roman Garcia (Drummer). 593 more words

Album And Track Reviews

Edge Of The Cliff

Barely hanging on to edge of reality


Fantasy keeps tugging at my feet

To come

Wander in the what could be

If I let go… 29 more words


Project Happiness 365: Day 238

Sometimes the road that I am walking seems so blurry and pointless. But what am I gonna do with this spirit I have, to never give up. 33 more words


Things Here\There\Everywhere

These days, every day seems busy and yet isn’t. I cannot seem to explain it. I have things that I would like to do for myself, like study or something of that nature, but then on top of that I am constantly getting pulled into something totally different by both teachers and students. 754 more words

Motivation Monday: Hanging On

“Hope is the basis of all action and renewal. Without hope, then inaction and failure follow. The human soul needs hope to function personally, in business and in life”. 22 more words

My Musings

Excerpt From A Book I'll Never Publish (1)

Caulfield Park, Victoria. (Summer  of 2015)

|| I watched the psychiatrist trying to stop her from bleeding out. I watched her call for the nurses for help. 566 more words

Few more beats

Few more beats, you stupid old heart. It’s not harvest time yet. Are you giving up already? Are you giving up on me? You, you who took me high, high where eagles’ pride exalted us; you who took me deep, deep where serpents’ wisdom wondered at us; you who made me love beyond love itself; are you giving up on me now? 126 more words