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Hanging On

I was left hopeless again.

With out a view of the end.

Once again playing pretend.

So I could feel that joy again.

The joy I felt when you became my friend. 96 more words


Nutball Naptime (Cuckoo Bee)

Do insects sleep? Sort of; they take distinct rest periods anyway. Cuckoo bees (subfamily Nomadinae) like this one will hang on to a plant with their mandibles while they catch the equivalent of bug Zzzz’s. 122 more words

Macro Photography

My Mao Inspired Old Suit Holds the Past : Day 06 - ( My Prompts )

memories do come in unexpected ways

daily chores sometimes lead the deal of days

treasured memories I have some recollection

in a pile of clothes one made a connection… 207 more words


Spring is Coming

I am absolutely transfixed by the snow falling out my window at present.

Huge flakes gently drop to the earth. Some dance in circular motion before standing completely still, then change direction. 651 more words

Moving Forward

The Thing About Balloons...

So…Balloons of Hope.  What does it mean?  I’m not really a balloons-and-cotton-candy kind of person.  I mean, I like them.  I just don’t necessarily have a thing for balloons the way some people do for butterflies or cats or peanut butter.  491 more words

Tape Waves: Hanging On

Tape Waves have shared a new track from their forthcoming album. It’s a perfect song and video to brighten up these winter days.

Hanging on

I am watching the afternoon dissolve.

The light is fading. The trees and shrubs, the borders and paths, the fences and lawns are merging softly into one another. 198 more words