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WordPress - #Daily Prompt - Wonder

So cold these thoughts

They leave me wondering

Stone cold these thoughts

From all of my blundering

I need something to warm me up

Just a bit of chocolate from my cup… 45 more words

Photographs & Memories

Today the explanation, tomorrow the poem

Hanging On, Turning Back, Opened Up
The first lines came automatically, from the subconscious, almost a stream of consciousness thing; it was with me the instant of waking, yet not within the poetry notebook until a few days later. 361 more words


Elliptical Galaxy - 4 of Pentacles

Today I thought I would do something a little different, I have a new deck of Tarot cards called the Quantum Tarot – by Kay Stopforth and Chris Butler, so I thought I would draw reference to today’s message and see what the Universal message is. 175 more words


KeepĀ  walking

Though your feet may ache

When you get there they will find rest

So keep going, for your own sake

Keep walking

Though your back may ache… 76 more words


Have faith that what is for you will be revealed.

We fight to hold on and we fight to let go!

But sometimes the biggest thing that you can do is to release, let go and no longer fight, the biggest challenge at times is trying to hold on with a sense of control, when in actual fact letting go will be the biggest release of stress that you can allow yourself. 296 more words


A Photo A Week: New Photo

Hanging On

I have been playing with my new used camera, a full frame Canon 5DIII. I can’t wait to use it when I go back to France at the end of February. 13 more words


Buds are appearing...

Yesterday the weather had settled a little and the Isle of Man catamaran ran again. She sailed through the gentle falling rain into port, yet with barely a ripple on the water. 279 more words