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Hanging on to one last thing hotly, you can’t just let go

Hanging on to one last thing hotly, you can’t just let go.
Letting go would be like dying, and then there would be no one to know… 330 more words

A little longer

No! Don’t come out!!!

Have you ever seen a movie where the victim almost didn’t die? Like if they’d stayed in the closet or under the bed, or wherever they’d hidden for just an extra five seconds, they just might have lived long enough to see the bad guy die at the end?

343 more words


To work on letting go of items, not people
Is an exercise in thoughtful deliberation
We value people but possessions are so comforting
In a strangely satisfactory way. 113 more words


Q & A Part 1

When will I give up?
When will I let go?
The more I think about it,
The more I know I won’t.

How did I allow it to get this far? 50 more words


From The Valley


Hanging on

Isn’t just ‘all’ we can do

It’s what we do

On our way

To the summit.

It’s a great tool.

 From the valley… 10 more words

Life Chatter

Writing Tips 3

Today’s Tip: Hanging On to Your Ideas

There are times when I’m in such a good mood for writing, but run out of things to write about. 232 more words