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You don’t have to be mad to exist here
But it helps to see the world through crying eyes.
You don’t have to be crazy to believe… 58 more words


Second Chances

There are some rocks on the otherwise smooth road, it’s life.

We live in a world of kissing many frogs before you find the right one, we have to dip our toes in the water for tries. 398 more words

Seriously? BRAIN!!!

Here I am mind whirring away in a million different directions. Sleep is not coming to visit me tonight. In fact it hasn’t been visiting much at all the last few months. 636 more words

Conversations Mostly With Myself

Starting Over, Moving Forward

Invisible threads are the strongest ties.

I still can’t bring myself to accept that he snipped our thread with scissors made of “sorry”. I have been stuck in this maze inside my head, trying to figure out if I want to start over or move forward. 413 more words

Hanging- On

The Last Rose of Summer

Summer is gone, of course, but just like the rest of us stalwart blooms, the summer roses are hanging on, at least out here at the edge of the desert. 320 more words



A calm always follows a storm. A moment of crisis passes. Our energy spent after spinning, grasping, howling, soaking the world with tears, we fall into helpless exhaustion. 62 more words


If only God wouldn't have forgotten

I thought I’d relax
But the mind won’t let me
The constant worry and anxiety
The fear of tomorrow changing my planned destiny.

I stay awake at night… 244 more words