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Bipolar Shame Suicide Stigma....

***Trigger warning.  We’re talking sui y’all.***

If a physical illness almost takes a life…

If a person with an illness experiences a crisis in that illness and almost loses their life….but is saved… 938 more words

Bipolar Us

Sunday Blues

Yesterday has totally rocked me I feel flat to the core Mr Tall is full of the joys of spring, me I am left feeling totally subdued and overthinking everything. 179 more words

Hanging On To Happy

Let’s just get this out of the way. I am not here to bestow my sage wisdom about anxiety. I am not here to be an expert on the topic. 485 more words


Our Brains are disordered not our Selves

We are Bipolar

we are supposedly disordered

our brains are disordered

not in order


a mess

like a room with everything strewn around

disordered brains… 204 more words

Real Bipolar

A Note to the Exiled

This is something that you need to know. Although your
bones grow worn and slow your soul must never cease to show
the courage known to only those who, on their own, walk lonely down… 119 more words


Just Hang On

After every cold dark winter- no matter how long, frozen and cold- spring arrives with renewed warmth, light, color and life, reinvigorating the earth and renewing the spirits of those who have survived. 211 more words


Why am I doing this?

Why am I saying these things?  Why bring it up?  Why put it out there?

Many brave brave Bipolar bloggers out there…telling their stories…

There are people out on Facebook…trying to come out…coming out…telling their stories… 294 more words

Bipolar Us