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You Are My Forever And Always

Chris Leggat I believe it was Monday afternoon, we went straight to my place just right after school. We agreed to have some street food after we put our back packs down. 26 more words


Butterflies & Sunrise

Plug my ears to muffle the sounds
of my haunted surroundings
of this substitution I have created,
this, institution I have contemplated,
this, matrimony I have slated as… 315 more words


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When You've Reached The End Of Your Rope, Please Hold On

Here is the day sorrow leaves no room in your stomach for food. Despair finds your innermost being its perfect punching bag. Here, today, your crying will sound like daggers to your friends’ ears; you will be misunderstood as dangerous, angry, codependent. 494 more words

me, just

white knobbly knuckles
born of a tight clench

twisted toes
curling like so many baobab roots
into terra firma,
digging deep
lest centrifuge fling me… 40 more words

Hanging On

On Participating In A Course On Resilience

At the Archdeaconry Conference last week we had a person from LPP Consulting come to talk to us about ‘resilience’. I thought I would share with you some of what was important to me about what he said. 1,169 more words

The Day You Left

It’s been six years. And I’m still hoping. Secretly.

For some, it may sound pathetic. But there’s that little voice inside me, whispering, “not just yet.” 84 more words

Break Up