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Carry On


In the midst of hanging on,

You don’t spill your coffee,

You’re still doing pretty daggone good.

Carry on. 6 more words

Life Chatter

I’m the Venom and the Antidote

I am a problem finder. What I mean by this is, if something is not wrong, then something is not right.  I am so used to there being obstacles, issues, hurdles, struggles…whatever you want to call it, that when I am in the position to sit back and enjoy life without all of the above, I simply cannot! 360 more words


Holding off Death

We all do it: save that last bit of string in case we need it in the future; buy a new gadget and keep the old one for emergencies; store up extra provisions “in case,” and cram our cupboards, houses, and garages full of things that we may never use. 387 more words


I put learning me on hold, to raise you into a lover that I never got to experience. I never had the experience, but teaching you felt natural. 219 more words


throwback: 2004: calculus

It’s a tall order,
Even on the border of it:

To live like you wanted,
Much less haunted

Than heralded by it.
It’ll hurt you, won’t it? 248 more words


Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn....

And sometimes We Do Both!

My goal with this originally was to blog every day, I quickly realized that was hard to do! With my busy schedule, my visions for this blog streaming around in my head, kids, responsibilities, life and honestly not being in the”right” place the last few days to write made me realize something. 1,033 more words


I’m trying my best to be softer these days, I overheard someone say, It’s so hard to find love when the way you love just seems to be so terrifying… 149 more words