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The man they couldn't hang

Old stories of last minute reprieves for condemned prisoners on the scaffold are legend. Gallows protocol had it that if the hangman was unable to execute his victim after three attempts, the prisoner was allowed to live. 593 more words


Witch Trial

In January, archaeologists discovered the precise spot where 19 witches were hanged during the Salem Witchcraft Trials in 1692. In a weird way, it’s a relief that people are still troubled by the trials after all of this time, and that scientists find it to be an area of interest. 32 more words

Is Proctor’s Ledge really where the injustices took place?

The truth is that I was hanged in a different place from the others, but it was nearby. It lies behind Proctor Street, which is now someone’s backyard, close to the playground. 559 more words


How I Almost Ended My Life at 6 Years Old

I was always a curious child, full of questions, taking in information especially from the adult world that I didn’t always comprehend. I did love to be read to and somehow had been exposed to the Westerns on TV. 554 more words


Unraveled Between the Bed Slats

20 September 1934 – New Trial Asked by the Payne Sisters
Glasgow Times’ article

“Notie Dunbar and Dora Payne, sisters, sentenced to 31 and 10 years, respectively, by a jury in Circuit Court Monday, for the murder of their father, Hayden R. 476 more words

Quite the country's Christian tradition, Dave!

When the prime minister of Great Britain states,what religion the country has, you must wonder.  We heard such definitions before from his predecessor and yet he went to a war that reaped long-lasting injustice and chaos. 436 more words