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Member's Showcase: Sue Bishop

Sue joined our guild this year, but has quilted and created most of her life. Monday, she shared with us some of her gorgeous work. 321 more words

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September 22 in history:

Nineteen people were hanged in Salem, Massachusetts, during a seven-month period in 1692, for allegedly practicing witchcraft. The final hanging happened on September 22nd that year. 108 more words

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Your search for the perfect Latkans ends with them: Kaathyayani Designer works

Hello folks!!!

We all very well know how important are designer blouses to team them up with your Muhurtam Sari or your Sangeet lehanga.

You pay attention to the intricate details while getting them designed right ? 316 more words

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I've Been Decorating Our Extra Room

Old posters from college and possibly times before sit in the corner, and I decide its high time I root through them and create what is possibly the oddest clusterfuck of wall hangings that you could imagine.   71 more words

The man they couldn't hang

Old stories of last minute reprieves for condemned prisoners on the scaffold are legend. Gallows protocol had it that if the hangman was unable to execute his victim after three attempts, the prisoner was allowed to live. 593 more words


Witch Trial

In January, archaeologists discovered the precise spot where 19 witches were hanged during the Salem Witchcraft Trials in 1692. In a weird way, it’s a relief that people are still troubled by the trials after all of this time, and that scientists find it to be an area of interest. 32 more words