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재채기 (jaechaegi) [Word of the Day]


So maybe this isn’t the verb form of this word, but it is a verb and it’s one that you’ll probably use at least once in a day. 49 more words

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First Language Post - Where to Start?

For this series, I will be posting resources and tad bits I find while learning Korean. I have not traveled yet so I will be trying use as much resources so I can see if I can make up not being fully immersed into it. 411 more words


Permeate lyrics-- seo ye-ahn

Seo Ye Ahn(서예안) – Permeate (스며든다) Music Video / English Lyrics

Permeate (스며든다) – English Translation Lyrics (가사 영어 번역)

The scent of cold air on my nose… 366 more words



Two summers ago I had the pleasure of being come really close with two Korean girls that I still consider good friends even though they’ve moved back to their motherland. 223 more words


Adding Numbers to Sentences [Grammar of the Week]


Ok so we talked about a lot these last couple of weeks, mainly about how to connect sentences or what I like to call, “complex sentences”. 229 more words

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등산하다 (deungsanhada) [Word of the Day]


I’m not sure if any of you have ever gone rock climbing or climbing a mountain, I’ve only gone rock climbing, and I will say it is probably one of the most difficult things to do if you have weak upper body strength. 101 more words

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Last month,  I was scrolling through ma tumblr (michinkae) and I came across a photo of Seoul Fashion Week. I have know idea what photo it is. 81 more words