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Yang Hee Eun – Mother To Daughter [Kpop Lyrics]

Lirik Lagu Mother To Daughter – Yang Hee Eun (Romanized+Hangul)


1. nan jamsi nuneul butin julman arassneunde beolsseo neulkeo isseossgo
neon hangsang eorin aiil julman arassneunde beolsseo eoreuni da doeeossgo… 310 more words

Korean Lyrics

가장 (gajang) [Word of the Day]

안녕하세요! (Annyeonghaseyo!)

I’m not sure how many of you have heard this word before but today was literally my first time catching it being said. It caught me off guard for two reasons though, the first being I thought I had heard this word before and the second being my realization that this was an adverb that I had no prior knowledge of being hearing it today. 99 more words



안녕하세요! Hello! My name is Angelica Martinez and I am a senior in high school. For my independent study, I spent a semester teaching myself the basics of Korean (Hangul, vocabulary, grammar, etc.)  I was able to do so with the help of sources online. 38 more words