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Foreign Language Tip #12 | 사람들을보고 이야기

Have you been practicing reading in 한글? If you haven’t you should give it a try. Pretty soon, romanization would be something you wouldn’t even consider. 223 more words

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숨기다 (sumgida) | [Word of the Day]


Okay so we have once again reached the end of the week. I’ve been studying a lot of new information and old to kind of refresh my memory, so next week I’ll hopefully be able to expose you guys to some of it. 36 more words

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곳을 (gos-eul) | [Word of the Day]


You may have noticed that there isn’t a Grammar of the Week this week. That’s temporary I’m working a little backwards this week, I’ll post it tomorrow. 185 more words

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How To Say It In Korean?: It's Frustrating/I'm Frustrated

Want to know how to say, “It’s frustrating./It’s frustrated.” in Korean? If yes, then please check this out.

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dedicated to my friend who is going to Korea next month. hoping this will help you and your friends there!! . i tried to find something that easier for you to memorize and some examples how to use it.

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Hangul Basics

If you want to learn Korean, you absolutely have to learn Hangul. There is no way around it. I recommend not ever relying on the romanization of Korean words. 723 more words


PART 1 : Learn Hangul


this question has been frequently asked by my family members and friends “how do you learn languages?” so here i am, let me share my experiences and how i did to get until this stage. 1,100 more words