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6 most vulnerable Himalayan Wildlife that needs your help

The Himalayas have captured people’s imaginations for centuries. It’s a region of stunning landscapes and incredible diversity. Stretching over 2,500km, the Himalayas is home to millions of people and hundreds of unique species.  980 more words


Foreign Language Tips #6 | Just Speak

Ask yourself, and answer honestly, how many words do you know in your native language? This includes adjectives, verbs, colors, numbers, etc.

How has this effected your fluency?  217 more words

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빌릴 (billil) | [Word of the Day]


Today’s word is another verb. This time I am absolutely positive that this is not a repeat word! I worked super hard to find another word to use so here goes. 37 more words

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다시 (dasi) [Word of the Day]


Alright so today I chose another familiar word. This word is not on my vocabulary list however, this can double as a “Kpop Teaches Korean Too” post. 75 more words

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Final Consonants (Batchim)

So far all of the hangul characters in prior lessons itu terdiri dari 2 part; vowel dan consonant. ex: 가, 나, 너, 짜, 다, etc… 109 more words


장식 (jangsik) [Word of the Day]


I went into full debate mode on what I should make as the WOTD today and then I was inspired. Today I began the decoration and organization process of my office at work and my desk at home and so I figured, why not make… 58 more words

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KClub: 10 Korean Phrases for the Airport

Want to learn some useful expressions when you’re at a Korean airport? If yes, then please check this out.
20 more words

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