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-니| [Grammar of the Week]


I picked this grammar topic because this is one of those words where there is a lot of information on it and not much that’s completely 100% definitive if you search through the web. 124 more words

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My Top 10 Korean Words 

When living in South Korea, I was able to pick up some key words and phrases in Korean. To clarify, I was in no way fluent but I could get by relatively comfortably from knowing what I knew. 777 more words


가겠다고 (gagessdago) | [Word of the Day]


So we’ve reached the end of the lesson for this week. I’m really disappointed in myself for not catching that I needed to cover additional information before discussing this topic. 122 more words

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S(e)oul food: 삼시세끼

When one first walks past the stretch of eateries at Upper Bukit Timah, 삼시세끼 (Three Meals A Day) may not be the first one that stands out. 369 more words


먹겠다고 (meoggessdago) | [Word of the Day]


Alright so it is Day 2 of the post of (-handago). Let me again say, I realize that this post belongs in a bigger grammar post that’s more descriptive. 96 more words

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Basic Terminologies

So, I may have used korean words. However I only used basic ones in this blog. I will give you a breakdown of what I think are basic korean terms when you’re a fangirl. 67 more words