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ENJOY THE SHOW… Episode 239. Minisode Loose Ends

Just because the season’s finished, doesn’t mean the show stops! Join your hosts Hank McCoy and Vince Germano as they bring you all the laugh out loud moments on this weeks Minisode! 33 more words

Hank McCoy

Recap: Boston Comic Con 2015

Boston Comic Con was last weekend and I was lucky enough to win a trivia contest from Comicazi’s Newsletter that got me a free ticket for August 2nd. 327 more words


Other couples related to Charles Xavier

Đây có thể là một “thói quen” không tốt nhưng mình có xu hướng thích các couple có liên quan đến nhân vật yêu thích và rõ ràng là … 186 more words


Poll: The Beast (Marvel) vs The Beast (Beauty & The Beast)

(Editor’s Note: The following was written by Keith Feltenstein.)

n our next “Versus” round up, we have two fuzzy furball manimals. We have Beast from Marvel comics, and we have The Beast from Disney’s… 1,559 more words

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Character Issues: Wonder Man

The Stats

  • Name:  Simon Williams
  • Height :6’2
  • Weight: 380 lbs
  • Powers: Class 100 Strength, Immortality, Flight, Invulnerability
  • Type:  Flying Brick
  • Excels at:  Failing in fantastic ways, Psychological breaks…
  • 279 more words
Character Issues