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"Yesterday's" Comic> Uncanny Origins #6

Uncanny Origins #6

Marvel Comics (February, 1997)

The Beast: “Lo! A Beast Is Born

WRITER: Michael Higgins

PENCILER: Dave Hoover

INKER: Don Hudson

COLORIST: Bob Sharen… 459 more words

Yesterday's Comics

What Happened To Tony Stark After Civil War II

This is a new way for Marvel to shelve their characters aside without actually killing them. So Tony Stark’s in a coma because of all the modifications he’s made to his body.

From – Civil War II #8


Beast Dabbling Into Sorcery

One of the unique twists with the All New X-men is how they’re subtly changing from their original counterparts. Jean Grey develops a new power, Iceman turns gay, Angel gets this new alien wings, and the scientist Beast starts experimenting with sorcery and magic. 6 more words


[New Music] Chill Moody X It's Gon' Be A nice Year

Chill Moody is not making it easy for other music artists right now! Anytime the Philly native appears absent from the scene, just know that he is working hard for his fans. 92 more words


Why Are There 2 Iron Mans?

So what is up with Iron Man? Marvel’s recent event Civil War II has ended and like all other comic mega events, it brings about change in the status quo. 840 more words


Young Beast VS Medusa (IVX)

Sorta cool how Medusa is using her hair. Haven’t read a lot of Inhuman comics so not really updated with her, but I would have to rethink my original thought of her hair power being lame.

From – Inhumans VS X-Men #2


Why Beast Can't Fix The Terrigen Cloud (IVX)

I don’t get why Storm doesn’t just use her powers and contain the cloud into a single place. She managed to do so on Death of X, so why not just do it again?

From – Inhumans VS X-Men #0