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The Evil Good (Essay on Atlas Shrugged)

There are some weapons which are beyond the physical realm. They have the capacity to impact people on a civilization-scale. These weapons do not exist in tangible forms. 1,530 more words

Chapter IV -- Part VIII

They don’t like to show emotion, but we can feel Hank and Dagny getting turned on by their banter over having to get that rail laid in only three quarters of the time she thought she had. 738 more words

Ayn Rants

Chapter II - "The Chain" (Part I)

We meet Hank Rearden, our proposed beacon of unappreciated light.

A nameless professor of economics muses, “Of what importance is an individual in the titanic collective achievements of our industrial age?” 736 more words

Ayn Rants

Rearden Metal: The Product of Freedom

Rearden metal is the creation of self-made millionaire magnate Hank Rearden, who slaved away in ore mine during his teenage years. His efforts paid off as he eventually bought the mine and began producing steels himself. 308 more words